Lewis Hamilton gets poignant three-word message from Sebastian Vettel after British GP

Following the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton received a tribute from Sebastian Vettel, who referred to the Mercedes driver as the “greatest of all time” or “GOAT.”

After Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix with a record-breaking ninth victory, Sebastian Vettel praised Hamilton as the “greatest of all time.”

Both drivers have fought hard in the racetrack, with Vettel once becoming the youngest World Champion in Formula One history at the age of 23.

Vettel celebrated the British icon’s accomplishment on Instagram after Hamilton defeated Lando Norris and Max Verstappen on Sunday, his first grand prix victory since 2021, according to the Express. Vettel wrote three words as the caption for a joyful picture of Hamilton: “GOAT. Lewis, congrats.”

After Fastest Pitstop’s account shared the post, supporters began to applaud Hamilton’s enormous success. A supporter exclaimed, “Legend knows legend.”

“Everyone knows…EVERY FRIKKING ONE KNOWS!” exclaimed another. His victory is enormous.” “I think now we have to say Lewis takes the GOAT spot over Michael,” a third person said.

On Sunday, Hamilton collected another Silverstone trophy, raising his career total to an incredible 104 race victories over 17 years. In the sport, he holds the records for most victories, pole positions, and podium finishes.

Hamilton expressed his emotions after winning, saying, “Yeah, I can’t stop crying.” It has, I believe, been since 2021. I simply try to get up every day, train, fight, focus on the task at hand, and work as hard as I can with this incredible team.

“And since this is my final race with this team—the British Grand Prix—I really wanted to win for them because I adore them and am so grateful for all of their years of dedication. I will always be appreciative to every member of this team, every employee at Mercedes, every partner we have, and all of our amazing fans.”

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