George Russell’s immediate reaction to Lewis Hamilton victory speaks volumes

Following Lewis Hamilton’s victory over Max Verstappen in the British Grand Prix, George Russell showed his class.

The first person to approach Lewis Hamilton following his amazing victory in the British Grand Prix was George Russell. After the race, Hamilton was crying in his car when Russell approached him for a handshake.

In Silverstone, the seven-time champion masterfully navigated the shifting conditions, precisely executing his pit stops and regaining the lead from fellow British driver Lando Norris. After 945 days without a win, 39-year-old Hamilton raced to the checkered flag to record his 104th career victory.

Seated in the cockpit for a few moments, he was overcome with emotion as he parked in parc ferme. Despite starting in pole position and being deeply disappointed with his own retirement, Russell showed excellent sportsmanship by rushing over to congratulate Hamilton.

Russell gave his weeping teammate a firm handshake and patted him on the helmet, showing how much the two of them respected each other. It happens in spite of the fact that Hamilton and Mercedes traded jabs earlier in the season, which is also his final one with Mercedes.

After a demanding Monaco Grand Prix in May, Hamilton hinted at team bias when he said he didn’t think he would be able to outqualify the younger Mercedes star for the remainder of the season. Because there was only one front wing upgrade available at the time, the veteran passed up the opportunity to give Russell the upgrade.

Russell retaliated, stating, “I believe those were comments made in a hurry,” and continued, “because he is well aware that we receive the same treatment.”

“Lewis is a winner, and these years have undoubtedly been difficult for everyone, but particularly for him. He hasn’t won in three years, despite being accustomed to winning every season in which he participates. As I previously stated, it’s annoying for him as well as for all of us, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it to come across that way.

Sunday saw the end of those annoyances as a result of a cunning move to switch back to the slick tires one lap ahead of McLaren’s Norris, who had advanced in the showers. Following a tearful radio conversation with his team, Hamilton triumphantly waved the Union Jack flag for his first win since Saudi Arabia two and a half seasons ago.

“I can’t stop crying,” Hamilton remarked after wiping away some tears with a towel. Since 2021, I’ve gotten up every day to train, fight, focus, and work as hard as I can with this incredible team.

“I wanted to win it for this incredible team because this is my last race here with them. I will always be appreciative of everyone on this team. As I was turning around, I could see all of our amazing supporters, and there is no better feeling than to cross the finish line first.

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