PGA Tour commentator slammed for ‘lying’ about LIV Golf innovation

At the Travelers Championship, the PGA Tour unveiled new technology, but supporters who were already familiar with it swiftly refuted the assertion that it had never been seen on television before.

When the PGA Tour announced a new feature that they claimed to have invented, golf fans were left perplexed.

The idea that the drone tracer technology at the Travelers Championship had never been seen on television before, however, was swiftly rejected by many. This is due to the fact that competitors LIV Golf seems to have outwitted them nine months ago.

The shot information that viewers get has improved thanks to drone tracer technology, which offers more precise information on shot speed, distance, and apex. Additionally, it enables viewers to see every shot from an event that CBS broadcasts in greater detail, according to the Daily Express.

A commentator’s assertion that the PGA’s new addition had “never been done before on TV” drew criticism, though, particularly considering that LIV has been using a nearly identical system since last year. Golf fans were quick to point out the oversight when the Saudi-funded tour first demonstrated its own drone tracer technology at Trump National Doral back in October 2023.

In response to the PGA’s post highlighting the use of drones, one fan wrote, “Yeah… the LIV Golf League has been doing this for almost a year already.” “It’s hilarious that the PGA Tour copied the LIV Golf drone tracer after nine months and called it a first,” another person commented.

“Imagine saying this lie knowing the truth and how easy it is to disprove,” a third person said. This was done nine months ago by LIV; innovation and emulation are perfectly acceptable. Just don’t tell lies!”

Tom Kim’s outstanding play during the Travelers Championship broadcast on CBS amazed the crowd. But in Cromwell, Connecticut, he could only finish second to Scottie Scheffler, who took home the sizable $3.6 million (£2.8 million) winner’s cheque.

At its most recent event in Nashville, LIV Golf has continued to use state-of-the-art drone tracer technology. Some players, though, are not overly fond of the flying devices being so near to the action.

Jon Rahm, the most expensive addition to LIV, was not happy when his tee shot fell into the water in Tennessee due to a drone’s distraction. It was evident to all that he was frustrated (and heard).

“Every competition. It’s fg amazing,” the Spaniard exclaimed, losing control of his temper. On my backswing, exactly. Every time, these fg drones.”

The PGA Tour has come under fire for copying LIV’s tactics in an effort to stay competitive, all in the midst of the drama surrounding the introduction of new technology. Notably, in a renewed attempt to retain its elite players, it introduced several no-cut ‘designated’ events with bigger prize money.

Drones were introduced at the Travelers Championship, which is another indication that the established golf powerhouse is copying its upstart competitor. However, some fans are especially irritated by what they perceive to be dishonesty.

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