Max Verstappen savagely trolls Lando Norris with ‘birthday present’ idea after Spanish GP

Following the Spanish Grand Prix, Max Verstappen bared his teeth to Lando Norris.

Following his shove onto the grass during the race start of the Spanish Grand Prix by McLaren star Lando Norris, Max Verstappen hinted that he might buy the McLaren star “some glasses” for his upcoming wedding. Much to the chagrin of his rival, the Brit insisted that he gave the Red Bull driver ample space.

On Saturday, Norris overtook Verstappen for the pole position, even though the Red Bull star had assistance from teammate Sergio Perez during the straightaway. On Sunday, though, when the lights went out, things were different, and the Dutchman had a better launch.

As Verstappen approached him from behind, Norris abruptly swerved to the right in order to pass the three-time world champion as he approached Turn One. His opponent was forced to dip his right wheel onto the grass as a result of his extreme maneuver, which caused dust to fly into the cars behind.

Although Verstappen eventually took the lead, George Russell was also able to take the lead from fourth on the grid thanks to the two’s squabbling. Ultimately, the Red Bull driver prevailed by a mere margin of a few seconds, leaving Norris feeling disappointed about a squandered chance at the beginning of the race.

Talking to reporters after the race and in the cooldown room, Norris maintained that he had given Verstappen plenty of room. But the 26-year-old wasn’t buying it. He joked, “I think I already know his birthday present.” We’ll be alright, so either a large mirror or some glasses will do.

Norris was kicking himself, but Verstappen was having a good time joking around after winning his second consecutive Grand Prix of the season. With that outcome, the British driver gained position in the Drivers’ Championship rankings but lost ground to the leader.

He said to Sky Sports F1, “It wasn’t the best start but it wasn’t a bad start.” “These days, when it’s so near. The difference between winning and losing in a race is only one or two meters. A pity. That tiny margin was costly to us. Aside from that, the race was excellent. Turn two onwards, it was almost flawless. I lost too much in the beginning, but I can’t complain.”

But there is still hope for McLaren and Norris. The 24-year-old has a long history of success at both Spielberg and Silverstone, where the paddock will travel in the next two weeks. When these two races start, he hopes to cut into Verstappen’s lead of 69 points.

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