July 23, 2024

After securing a backup spot for the US Women’s Open later this month, rival transgender golfer Hailey Davidson was likened to a “castrated male dog.”

Even though transgender golfer Hailey Davidson received a backup spot for the US Women’s Open, one of her rivals, who wishes to remain anonymous, attacked her by calling her a “castrated male dog.”

The 30-year-old Scottish athlete competed in the 36-hole qualifier at Bradenton Country Club, demonstrating her strength by tying for third and just missing out on a direct entry. She did, however, win the top alternate spot by nailing the playoff hole against Jasmine Suwannapura and Louise Olsson Campbell.

With this victory, Davidson is set to compete at the Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania from May 30 to June 2, only requiring one withdrawal to secure a spot in the elite field.
Davidson expressed her excitement on Instagram, writing, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” She also included a picture of the USGA’s alternate player regulations as evidence of her eligibility, saying, “I DO in fact have legal documentation from the USGA that allowed me to play in the first place so zero rules were broken as always.”

However, Davidson was met with criticism despite her rightful participation in the event from another golfer who opted to remain anonymous and expressed concerns to OutKick’s Mark Harris regarding the fairness of trans athletes in women’s sports.

She complained, “It’s not fair,” and then offered a scathing analogy: “There’s no other way to explain it other than the fact that a neutered male dog is still a male dog. We do not refer to them as female dogs.

In addition, she advocated for the establishment of distinct competitions for transgender golfers who have undergone gender-affirming surgery, stating, “I think we should do a trans open for them if transgender golf is becoming more popular.”

The golfer recounted an event from the qualifying round in which Davidson made a 40-foot putt off the green and applauded in a way that was perceived as “manly,” saying, “Everyone was stunned and nobody applauded.”

Since the 2010 elimination of the “female at birth” requirement, the LPGA’s inclusive gender policy, which has been adopted by the Epson Tour, Ladies European Tour, LET Access Series, and LPGA Professionals competitions, permits trans women to compete in women’s events.

Competitors must, however, identify as female, present documentation of gender reassignment surgery, finish hormone therapy for a minimum of one year, and keep their testosterone levels within a predetermined range.

In sharp contrast to other sports, World Athletics prohibits transgender women from participating in international competitions as women. No transgender athlete who had experienced male puberty would be permitted to participate in female world ranking competitions after March 31 of this year, according to confirmation made earlier this year by Lord Coe, the president of the governing body.

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