Lewis Hamilton makes Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso furious with Imola antics

During second practice for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton appeared to obstruct multiple drivers, evoking ire from his rivals.

Rivals Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso were furious with Lewis Hamilton and accused him of obstructing them in different instances.

Both incidents took place on Friday during the weekend’s second practice session. And in the first, Alonso was heard grumbling over the radio, thinking that Hamilton’s Mercedes had prevented him from doing a flying lap.

The driver of the Aston Martin voiced his outrage over the incident on the radio. Hamilton believes he is by himself on the track, he raged. He does it on the second lap, going around turns 12 and 7.

However, Hamilton would later get into a collision with another racer. After being forced to stop midway through a fast lap, Verstappen threw his arm up in frustration and pulled alongside the Mercedes.

Hamilton used the occasion to extend an apology hand to the Red Bull racer. However, Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, passed them on the track and had to slow down to avoid a collision as they were exchanging those gestures.

Although Hamilton was the most frequent offender, he wasn’t the only person to obstruct other drivers on the narrow Imola track. Zhou Guanyu became enraged with his teammate George Russell after the Chinese racer believed the Mercedes was slowing him down.

Additionally, Perez alienated Charles Leclerc by placing his Red Bull on the track. “What the f***?” exclaimed the irate Monaco player after having to abandon his flying lap.

Leclerc delighted the locals by topping the timesheets in both practice sessions, while Red Bull had a challenging day overall. Verstappen, on the other hand, was unable to maintain his grip throughout the day and had to settle for fifth and seventh.

Throughout the two sessions, he veered off course at least four times, which is unusual for a driver who rarely makes mistakes. However, he was unable to control his RB20 and appeared irritated when he spoke with the media following the day’s running.

“A tough day – hard to get a good balance and I’m just not really feeling comfortable in the car,” stated Verstappen. It is very easy to lose the car because it moves around a lot. Therefore, there are a few things that need to be looked at because, as things stand right now, they are uncomfortable, terrible in the long run, and we need to make some improvements in order to be competitive tomorrow.

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