Lewis Hamilton says he has another reason to worry for Mercedes after Australian GP DNF

Due to engine problems, Lewis Hamilton was unable to complete the Australian Grand Prix. George Russell, his teammate, also retired on a terrible day for Mercedes.

When Lewis Hamilton responded to his engine failure in Melbourne, he gave Mercedes supporters even more cause for concern.

After just 17 laps, Hamilton’s Australian Grand Prix journey came to an end. Shortly after reporting the issue on the radio, he lost power in his car and had to pull over at the side of the track.

Shortly after, a Mercedes representative verified that Hamilton’s suspicion that his engine had failed was accurate. The seven-time Formula One champion also discussed his experience in the car in remarks made following the race.

“I believe the engine seized,” he remarked. It seemed to materialize out of thin air, like a fleeting thought.” Even though Hamilton and Mercedes were not in contention for significant points in Melbourne, it was still a blow for them.

Having started eleventh on the grid, he was well out of the running for the win. And he was worried about his lack of speed, particularly after his Mercedes was unable to compete with Sergio Perez’s Red Bull on the track.

The “massive gap” between the two teams was highlighted by Hamilton. “There’s a massive gap,” he stated. Something like that, I believe they have a second thought about us. Even though he had new tires, his pullaway technique was the same as it was the previous year.

Even worse for Mercedes, neither of their vehicles pulled over at the checkered flag. George Russell was about to give the team a point or two when he tried to pass Fernando Alonso, but the British driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the wall.

The car skidded through the gravel, flipped over, and came to rest on its side. Russell was lucky enough to be able to free himself without any injuries. Alonso may have brake-tested the Mercedes driver, according to allegations, and the stewards looked into the incident.

Russell hinted that there was something odd about the event, but he refrained from accusing anyone. “I’ve gone off and that’s on me,” he said. “But, 100 meters before the corner, I was only a half-second behind Fernando when all of a sudden, he approached me at a high speed and I was right on his gearbox.”

“It has been reported to the stewards; I’m not sure if he had an issue or not. That seems a little strange in this particular situation. I’m just disappointed that the race ended the way it did, and that’s all I have to say.”

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