George Russell’s terrified scream on radio as car flipped in Australian GP horror crash

As George Russell attempted to pass Fernando Alonso in the closing laps of the Australian Grand Prix, his Mercedes unexpectedly flipped over and came to a stop in the middle of the track.

After his Mercedes flipped onto its side in a terrifying accident, a shaken George Russell screamed for the Australian Grand Prix to be stopped.

When Russell lost control of his car on the penultimate lap, he was headed for minor points. While pursuing Fernando Alonso, he lost control and collided with a wall.

The vehicle plunged headlong into a gravel trap, toppled over onto its side, and eventually came to a stop on the track. And Russell was obviously worried about being trapped in there as a sitting duck.

In that section of the track, yellow flags were quickly flown to alert other drivers to the situation. However, Russell was pleading for the race to be called off entirely on the radio.

He yelled, “Red flag, red flag, red flag.” “This is where I am in the track. Red flag, red flag, on the flag! It’s red, red, red, and more. In the center is where I am. Scarlet! F***ing hell.” Although the race continued on despite his request, all the other drivers thankfully proceeded with extra caution as the race came to a virtual stop under the protection of a safety car.

Marshals helped Russell escape his car without any injuries, allowing him to climb out. The medical car returned to the paddock to give him a quick check-up before he was cleared to resume his media duties.

Following the race, the stewards investigated the incident and called Russell and Alonso to provide their respective versions of what transpired. The Spaniard seemed to slow down before the braking zone on replays, then pick up speed once more.

Russell refrained from accusing the driver of an Aston Martin of putting him through a brake test. However, he hinted that he thought Alonso was at fault when he told reporters that he thought the incident was odd.

“I’ve gone off and that’s on me,” he said. “But, 100 meters before the corner, I was only a half-second behind Fernando when all of a sudden, he approached me at a high speed and I was right on his gearbox.”

“It has been reported to the stewards; I’m not sure if he had an issue or not. That seems a little strange in this particular situation. I’m just disappointed that the race ended the way it did, and that’s all I have to say.”

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