Jordan Spieth, the star of the PGA Tour, has commented on his lengthy rules argument with Rory McIlroy at the Players Championship.

Jordan Spieth finally opened up about the lengthy rules conversation he had with Rory McIlroy, following over a day of silence.

Spieth most likely did not feel like talking to McIlroy about his failure to make the cut at the Players Championship. All the same, he spent a short while at TPC Sawgrass entertaining a small group of journalists.

The American also confirmed a report from Golfweek that said several notable PGA Tour player directors will be meeting with PIF/LIV officials next week.

McIlroy and Spieth got into a protracted argument over where McIlroy should have placed his ball on the seventh hole during the opening round.

The Northern Irish golfer believed his tee shot had gone past the red hazard line and into the water close to the fairway bunker. Spieth appeared unsure, as did Viktor Hovland, the other golfer in their threesome.

On the eighteenth hole, there was also debate over the precise spot where McIlroy’s ball entered the hazard.

Even though McIlroy received some backlash online, he later stated that his conscience was clear regarding how he handled both drops.

The following is the complete context of Spieth’s conversations with reporters:

Q. What is your version of events on the seventh hole yesterday, from your perspective, since we were unable to get a chance to ask you?

JORDAN SPIETH: I believe it ended up in a suitable place. He was asking where he was dropping it, so I only went over there because I thought he had dropped it.

I was merely making sure that everyone was okay and that he didn’t play it. I approved of the location he was picking.

Subsequently, as I was listening to Rory and Viktor’s conversation, Rory mentioned, “We believe it crossed up there and could have been back there, so this seems like somewhere in between.”

However, that seems like something you should definitely double check with a rule official. He did, and everything was fine after that.

Q. Did you mention that you were told the ball bounced below the red line by some people?

JORDAN SPIETH: You know, you’re not really supposed to use people from the outside to say things like that, but I was hearing from something like TV members, so I assumed it was true. I told him that they had said that when we left the tee, and I said that I couldn’t tell because I thought it would drop so much farther than I thought it would, surprising me with its location.

I therefore felt it was crucial to be honest in order to prevent him from doing so; Rory and Harry said it definitely hit above.

That’s why I said, “Why don’t you just make sure in case they caught it?”

You frequently have an overhead, but perhaps not on Thursday and Friday.

Q. Did the circumstances on the eighteenth hole influence the seventh hole?

JORDAN SPIETH: Well, each circumstance is unique. By no means are they similar shots.

Look, all anyone really wants is for you to put the ball where it should go. But in our sport, you just get situations where it can be really difficult to know for sure, especially on a golf course like this one or the one last week.

Usually, you choose where you’re almost positive it crossed, erring on the side of caution. I believe Rory made that decision both times.

Q. Certainly from Rory’s point of view —

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I don’t know why I got brought over to media, to be honest.

Q. Just to be clear.

JORDAN SPIETH:I am aware that Rory and I are the center of attention, but similar conversations probably happened more than once yesterday among different groups.

Again, it was as if Viktor started the conversation and I stepped forward to make sure everything was in order. Though I probably shouldn’t have, I didn’t intend to actively participate, but it felt like they were at a standstill.

“I thought I could be of assistance.”

Spieth confirms potential PIF meeting…

Golfweek reported earlier on Friday that a number of well-known players were being counseled to meet with LIV’s creator, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the following week. “Spieth did admit that the meeting was likely to happen, even though he didn’t give many details about it.”

He mentioned that they are pushing for us to meet with them at some point. He indicated that a meeting with them might be possible, but the membership should be aware that there are still unknowns regarding the timing and possible consequences. It is suggested that the board think about holding negotiations.

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