July 23, 2024

Following the first two race weekends of the 2024 season in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Oliver Bearman and the other 20 Formula One drivers will be spending the next few days away from the track. However, the Australian Grand Prix is next week, so plans will be in full swing. This year, there hasn’t been a lack of non-racing talking points.

Overnight, new information about the Christian Horner case surfaced, indicating that his accuser may have filed an appeal against Red Bull’s investigation’s findings.

Horner fiercely denied any inappropriate behavior, even though a female coworker had accused him of it. Following examination, Red Bull denied the allegations.

However, the accuser’s choice to contest the ruling will bring the case back into the public eye. According to reports, her suspension was a result of the evidence she gave investigators.

In the meantime, Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic switch from Mercedes to Ferrari later in the year has forced Ferrari to make a tough decision.

A clause in Hamilton’s contract appears to mean that he will be without his friend and race engineer, Peter Bonnington.

Ferrari make tough Lewis Hamilton decision

With his departure from Mercedes for Ferrari in the upcoming season, Lewis Hamilton appears to be splitting ways with his longtime Formula One partner Peter Bonnington.

Part of six of the British driver’s seven Drivers’ Championship victories, the 49-year-old race engineer known as “Bono” has been instrumental.

However, according to Analisi Tecnica, an Italian news outlet, Bonnington’s Mercedes contract contains a non-poaching clause that has prevented him from joining Hamilton in defecting.

Riccardo Adami, who teamed with Carlos Sainz after switching to Ferrari from McLaren, will allegedly team up with Hamilton instead.

Christian Horner accuser launches appeal

The story surrounding the Christian Horner allegations has gained renewed attention as the Red Bull CEO’s accuser purportedly takes legal action.

After an investigation, Horner was cleared of the grievances filed by a female employee who had accused him of acting inappropriately.

According to reports, the person’s employment at Red Bull was suspended as a result of the evidence she provided.

Several reports, however, state that she has since filed an appeal against the investigation’s conclusion.

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