Multiple PGA Tour winner Scott Simpson has labelled LIV Golf’s Greg Norman ‘a jerk nobody liked’ after ‘money changed’ the Australian.

Multiple PGA Tour winner Scott Simpson has claimed money changed Greg Norman into a ‘jerk nobody liked’.

Simpson made the explosive comments in an interview with Golfweek’s Adam Schupak.

A controversial figure in men’s professional golf, Norman has always been. Legends abound regarding the two-time Open champion.

The most contentious event in his career was definitely his attempt to create a “World Golf Tour” in the early 1990s.

Although this tale has been told many times, Norman basically assembled the best golfers in the world at Sherwood Country Club in 1994 to present his strategy.

Huge bonuses, guaranteed prize money, and a small number of events reserved for the best players in the world.

Norman was, in a nutshell, shot down. In a strong sense.

He said he was smeared and shunned by the PGA Tour, called greedy by his peers.

It is said that Norman has carried a grudge for the past 25 years because he was so incensed by the rejection.

The 68-year-old is the chief executive of the LIV Golf League, which allows him to finally realize his dream.

Due to his frequent mistakes and seeming incapacity to avoid stirring up controversy whenever he speaks, there have been rumors for the past two years that his time on earth is running out.

However, there have been a lot of exaggerated rumors about his death.

The aforementioned Simpson told Golfweek that LIV, which kicks off their third campaign this week in Mayakoba, Mexico, bothers him.

From his perspective, success on the PGA Tour had to be “earned.”

He said, “Tiger wasn’t guaranteed a cent.” “Nicklaus wasn’t either. They were the world’s finest players. They are even as they begin the following year.

“Yeah, they do make money off the course, but on the Tour, you have to work for what you get. That has always seemed like it was fantastic.”

Simpson, a seven-time PGA Tour winner from 1978 to 1999, shared his assessment of Norman.

“I liked him when he first came over from Australia; he was fun and hit it, especially for back then, long and straight,” he said in reference to The Great White Shark.

“He was a superb athlete. played a good deal of games with him. He was a really pleasant man.

“But the more wealthy and successful he became, the more miserable he became as a result of having to live up to the expectations of being such a big, successful businessman.

“On the course, he became miserable. Why are you out here, was all that was said. All he was was entitled and grumpy.

“I believe that simply receiving so much money altered him in various ways. His wife was well-liked by all, and they later parted ways.

“Yes, Nick Price had no relationship with Greg by the time he named his son after him. It was quite strange.

“Norman suddenly turned into a bitch. He was disliked by all.”

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