Jon Rahm faces unexpected LIV Golf issue despite Greg Norman boast

After his record-breaking move to LIV Golf, Jon Rahm’s debut on the breakaway circuit is fast-approaching but the Masters champion is still yet to confirm his four-man team

Jon Rahm is still yet to confirm his LIV Golf team and teammates for the 2024 season, with the opening event in Mayakoba, Mexico just one month away.

Rahm signed a rumored £450 million contract to join the Saudi-backed series last month, making golfing history. Rahm will have the opportunity to create and lead his own team while playing on the LIV setup, according to the announcement made regarding his departure from the PGA Tour.

Although Rahm moved three weeks ago, golf fans are still in the dark about his new team’s makeup. This could be concerning for the Spanish player as the year’s first tournament draws near.

The LIV roster will increase from 48 to 52 players if Rahm announces his new team in the lead-up to the Mexico opening, meaning that 13 teams will now compete instead of 12. Although it may not appear like a significant change at first glance, the league’s executives may find themselves facing some serious logistical challenges.

Prize money distribution and the circuit’s three-ball shotgun start format will change as a result of the 48 players being reduced to 52. However, having an extra team might have advantages, allowing the breakaway league to increase its roster by four players.

Following Rahm’s historic move from the previous month, Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV, disclosed that several stars from the PGA Tour and DP World Tour expressed a desire to emulate the Masters champion. Since Jon signed, players have been approaching him with requests to play for their team, to be honest. How can I proceed with that?” he asked ESPN.

“My other teammates and I have also been overloaded.” To be honest with you, I can tell you, hand on my heart, that there are eight to twelve guys vying for two or three spots, possibly even two. One of the main reasons Rahm moved was the opportunity to play in a team environment.

Following the news of his signing in December, he stated: “The team element of things is absolutely key.” As a football fan growing up in Spain, teams hold a lot of significance. I spent many years playing for both ASU and the Spanish national team.

For the majority of my career, I have played on a golf team. Many of those emotions returned when that opportunity presented itself. I’m excited to assemble a potent four-player squad. We don’t often get to feel like that when playing golf, so it’s a lovely feeling. It’s one of the things that drives me the most.

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