Professional golfer Brooks Koepka was filmed partying hard with his glamorous wife Jena Sims at a New Years Eve celebration in Mexico.

As one might expect, Brooks Koepka rang in the new year by throwing a wild party with his gorgeous wife Jena Sims.

The couple allegedly started the countdown to midnight while celebrating a friend’s wedding in Mexico.

Golfer Koepka from LIV was caught on camera, most likely by a friend, flashing two sparklers in front of his wife’s breasts.

Along with posting some photos, Jena wrote, “New year, same us,” on her personal Instagram page.

Several golfers shared their opinions after seeing the video, which generated controversy online.

Some found it “embarrassing,” while others saw it as the couple just acting carefree and immature.

It was supposed to be a “no phones allowed” party, according to someone who claimed to be present. Perhaps Koepka was too drunk to recall, or perhaps he just missed the memo.

“What makes this fun is the rest of the crowd in the background,” X users commented.

“This would have happened earlier in the night, but Brooks was stuck behind Patrick Cantlay,” said an additional person.

“Can you imagine Jack and Barbara doing something like this?” the writer wrote. Disgusting.”

For Koepka, 33, it was an interesting year.

He became Crew’s father in July. His son was born six weeks prematurely and was admitted to the NICU for his first few weeks of life.

Following his third PGA Championship victory, Koepka also became a five-time major winner.

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