LIV Golf star launched furious tirade at former Ryder Cup teammate Rory McIlroy

A new golf book that highlights the ongoing battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf featured an excerpt that took shots at Rory McIlroy and his status in the sport as well as his TGL endeavours

Rory McIlroy was the subject of a fiery tirade from an unnamed former Ryder Cup teammate who jumped ship to LIV Golf.

On his website, golf writer Alan Shipnuck has posted passages from his next book that criticize McIlroy and his battle with the Saudi-funded league. The fight between the PGA Tour and the new competition is covered in-depth in the book “LIV and Let Die.”

An explosive purported tirade directed at McIlroy was included in one of the book’s excerpts that was made public. Although the author declined to identify the commenters, the passage was published on Today’s Golf.

“Rory, f*** you. The golfer who remained anonymous said, “I’m so tired of hearing about how he is some kind of hero who is saving golf.” “He is just receiving money from a different source, but he is still bought and paid for like everyone else.”

Did you know that the PGA Tour demanded that Rory be one of the endorsers when Whoop wanted to work with them on a deal? A $10 million equity stake, now valued at $200 million, was given to him.

How did he get his own contract with NBC, in your opinion? That too was arranged by the Tour. Now that Rory has his own league (TGL), the Tour is so dependent on him that it will compete with it for viewers and sponsors.”

“Not because he cares about the Tour itself, but rather to protect his income streams, is why Ryan is fighting so hard for the Tour. The fact that he is being hailed as a hero on Twitter and by all the fanboys with their shit podcasts indicates how little people actually comprehend the situation.

Sean O’Flaherty, McIlroy’s manager, reportedly asked the writer for the identity of a golfer who was mentioned in one of the articles. The golfer had only agreed to talk anonymously, the author objected.

The decision by McIlroy to accept the money from LIV Golf and his former Team Europe teammates to accept the offer has been the subject of much public back and forth. Henrik Stenson, the former Ryder Cup captain who lost the position to Luke Donald after deciding to join LIV, was the target of his recent criticism.

“Henrik’s trip to LIV was the best thing that could have happened to the 2023 Euro Ryder Cup team,” McIlroy posted on social media. A few days earlier, he had suggested that Europe did not miss other former teammates who had missed the most recent tournament, following his call for the Ryder Cup rules to be changed to accommodate Jon Rahm.

McIlroy wrote, “We didn’t miss them, and we didn’t NEED any of the others in Rome.” “Jon would be greatly missed and needed at Bethpage.”

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