July 23, 2024

According to Stewart Cink, Tiger Woods is in “go-mode for something.” Alternately said:

Fans of Woods, feel free to keep speculating about his comeback.

Cink made the revelation in an interview with George Savaricas of Golf Channel prior to this week’s World Wide Technology Championship, which Woods had been spectating. He created the El Cardonal at Diamante course, the event’s track. However, Cink clarified that the conversation at the time of their encounter wasn’t about the joint.

Although Woods hasn’t played since pulling out of the Masters during the third round in April and needing additional surgery on his right leg a few days later, the 15-time major winner has recently been spotted playing golf in public.

“My main intention was to inquire about his well-being,” the 2009 Open Championship victor said to Savaricas.


Tiger Woods isn’t always a great teacher, according to Cink, but at least he started practicing, which is encouraging. He mentioned that he started practicing, but I’m not sure why.

That indicates that he is focused on something, and if he is hitting golf balls, I believe he is headed in the right direction. I believe we are all rooting for him to feel as good as possible.

There are several inquiries here, the most apparent being:

What is “something?”

Is Woods just practising, or is it all a big fuss for nothing? That possibility always exists. However, you must consider that “something” is more than that. The Hero World Challenge, which takes place at Woods in approximately a month, has revealed all but one of its eighteen participants.

In addition, major winners are paired with family members at the PNC Championship in the middle of next month. Woods has played with his son Charlie for the previous three years, so that’s something.

Additionally, he assisted in creating the indoor TGL series, which will begin in January. And there’s the majors for the following year.

Could what we have already seen from him also be a sign of a return?

Possibly. It doesn’t seem right for Woods to venture out into the wild, and lately, there have been a few looks. Woods was spotted at an event at Liberty National in New Jersey in September. When asked what advice he would give amateurs in a clinic, he responded, “Don’t watch f—in’ YouTube.” Hit some balls. Simply pounding balls.

Additionally, Woods and his son Charlie were playing holes at the Hay short course, which he designed, at the Pebble Beach property last month while he was hosting a junior event. (There, a young player asked Woods if he had ever made two aces after the daring youngster made two holes in one.)

Woods himself has been mostly mum since April. Notably, he was added to the PGA Tour’s policy board in August as part of a shakeup as the Tour negotiates a partnership with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund — and in a statement shared by the Tour he said just: “I am honored to represent the players of the PGA Tour.

This is a critical point for the Tour, and the players will do their best to make certain that any changes that are made in Tour operations are in the best interest of all Tour stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and players.

The players thank Commissioner [Jay] Monahan for agreeing to address our concerns, and we look forward to being at the table with him to make the right decisions for the future of the game that we all love. He has my confidence moving forward with these changes.”

Then this week, while scoping out his design, Woods talked with Cink. 

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