Lewis Hamilton learns deadline for Felipe Massa court decision as F1 icon seeks ‘justice’

Felipe Massa, who wants Lewis Hamilton’s title revoked, has filed a lawsuit to alter the 2008 Formula One results.

In an effort to have the 2008 title revoked, Felipe Massa has confirmed that the Formula One Management (FOM) and the FIA have until November 15 to reply and present supporting documentation. Massa has stated that his goal is to be recognized as a world champion and that he is not interested in receiving financial compensation from the case.

Lewis Hamilton won his first championship fifteen years ago under controversial circumstances after former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone acknowledged that he, race director Charlie Whiting, and FIA president Max Mosley were aware of Renault’s decision to intentionally crash in Singapore at the time, but they chose to remain silent.

In an attempt to assist teammate Fernando Alonso in winning, Nelson Piquet Jr. intentionally crashed; however, this led to a safety car and an awkward pit stop for Massa, who fell from the lead in the race to 13th. This affected the title, which Massa lost to Hamilton by a single point, and Ecclestone’s remarks made him decide to file a lawsuit.

He has already urged the Mercedes model to speak out against “injustice.” When Massa updated the case timeline, PlanetF1 asked him if he was concerned that important documents had been lost or destroyed.

“I’m not worried about that, because I’m sure there are so many things inside, there are so many things that we know already, and my team knows already,” Massa replied. “So many things that, if it goes to the court, it will come out. So many things related to my case, so many things not related to my case but other politics as well.

“We are waiting for FOM and the FIA to answer all of the documents and everything that we asked them. They’ve already asked twice to extend, but now is the last time. So, after the 15th of November, we need to have that answer, and we will decide if that’s enough for us or if we need to go to court.”

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