Red Bull chief Helmut Marko shows true colours with comments on Lewis Hamilton win

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko delivered a surprising assessment of the British Grand Prix after Max Verstappen had to settle for second place and Lewis Hamilton won.

Lewis Hamilton’s “greatness” has been praised by Helmut Marko, who has maintained that Max Verstappen would have won if the British Grand Prix had been two laps longer.

The Dutchman had an atypically difficult time keeping up with his three British competitors after starting fourth in the race. However, Red Bull’s performance improved as the Grand Prix went on, and by the finish, he was challenging for the lead on the hard tires.

After edging past Lando Norris, Verstappen began pursuing Hamilton. However, he ran out of time, and for the first time since December 2021, the seven-time Formula One champion stood atop a podium.

Sky Germany was informed by Red Bull advisor Marko, “We can only congratulate him.” particularly the fact that he has endured this dry spell so admirably. Here, once more, his tyre management skills demonstrated his strength and greatness.

“We were hopeful because there was some minor graining, but he handled it so expertly. It demonstrates his continued regularity and quickness.” Additionally, he stated that “according to our calculations,” Verstappen would have overtaken the British driver in two more laps.

Marko continued, “We lost the race in the first stint, where we had incredibly strong graining,” to further explain why Verstappen had struggled so much earlier in the race. Max typically excels at wet tracks, but he lost nearly everything there.

“To put it plainly, our tires weren’t working. The call arrived at the ideal moment, and our strategy and pit stop worked perfectly. Everything, even the hard tire at the back, worked out. Our lap count ran out.”

Verstappen and Hamilton have not always agreed, beginning with their intense battle for the 2021 championship. Mercedes hasn’t produced a vehicle since that can rival the Red Bulls, but now that the Silver Arrows have significantly improved their performance, that appears to have changed.

If Hamilton is able to challenge on a regular basis once more, it remains to be seen how that will affect their relationship. Verstappen, however, was among the first to congratulate the British driver on Sunday, pulling up beside his Mercedes and giving him a thumbs up from inside the cockpit.

He also said to Dutch TV following the race, “He obviously drove a good race. They were a little bit quicker than us, but they also made the correct decisions. And it’s always special for him to win in front of his home crowd.”

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