July 23, 2024

Phil Mickelson won’t compete for Team USA in the 2025 Ryder Cup, as Keegan Bradley disclosed on Tuesday. The LIV Golf star has since commented on the situation.

Notwithstanding the fact that Keegan Bradley will not participate in the Ryder Cup, Phil Mickelson praised the selection of the American captain for the 2025 squad.

Bradley was chosen by the PGA of America to captain the American team at Bethpage Black in September of the following year when they play their European rivals domestically. A day later, at a press conference in New York, the 38-year-old made his debut as captain by speaking to the media and discussing his appointment.

Bradley stated during the appearance that although he and his former partner Mickelson still maintain a close relationship, he does not intend to include Mickelson on the team as vice captain for the tournament the following year.

Bradley remarked, “I still have a great relationship with Phil.” To be honest with you, I don’t think he wants to be vice captain and, eventually, I think he will be a captain. However, I haven’t talked to Phil and I don’t want to speak for him in any way, but I believe he is quite busy with his work.”

A day later, Mickelson replied to Bradley personally and was all praise for the elected captain, calling him “incredible.” Prior to this week’s LIV Golf event at Valderrama, Phil Mickelson stated, “I was surprised at the pick, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s a great pick.”

“When he attended St. Johns, he spent a lot of time playing golf at Bethpage. He is more devoted to the Ryder Cup than almost any player I have ever seen. He has a greater passion for the Ryder Cup than anyone I know. He is going to lead with that kind of fervor, in my opinion. I find him to be amazing.

“He has my utmost happiness.” Given how painful it was for him to be left off the team the previous season, I believe that we are all very happy for him to now have the chance to lead and move forward.” Good news for Mickelson’s fellow LIV members, though, as Bradley declared he would take all available options into account, irrespective of the tour on which they play.

“The 12 best players on the team will be mine. Where they play is irrelevant to me,” asserted Bradley. “I don’t care about the LIV stuff; our goal is to win this tournament. The top players on the team are what I want. By 2025, when we arrive at Bethpage,

When it comes to attending LIV events, he declared, “I’m willing to go with guys who are on the fringe.” “Having the finest players on the team is my biggest concern.” He continued, determined to avoid getting involved in off-course politics: “Once more, I believe that by the time the Ryder Cup rolls around in 2025, the golf world may have changed significantly. All I want is the team’s best players. I find it absurd that the United States team does not have the best players.”

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