Lewis Hamilton proves Sir Jackie Stewart emphatically wrong after damning six-word claim

After the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s desire to win was undeniably strong, as Sir Jackie Stewart observed.

At the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton refuted Sir Jackie Stewart’s assertion that he no longer has the “hunger” for Formula One. On home soil, the seven-time world champion won his first race in 945 days.

After surpassing the record for the driver with the most victories at a single track and increasing his total to nine at Silverstone, he made an extremely emotional appearance. After two challenging seasons with Mercedes, he felt relief from pressure that had been on him for nearly three years.

His ageing prowess had started to come under scrutiny, notably from fellow British motorsport icon Stewart. In a speech given last year, the 85-year-old cast doubt on Hamilton’s intentions by stating in just six words, “Lewis no longer has that hunger.”

“Lewis is one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever,” he told the German publication Bild. However, the reality is that he played for a team that was essentially unbeatable for the last ten years while driving a Mercedes.

Lewis had just one true rival at this point in time, and that was his respective teammate. With the exception of 2016, he has always won the duel. And Nico Rosberg won after that. Respectfully, a competent driver but not the world’s most gifted one.

But Rosberg was famished and possessed a strong desire to win the world championship. Lewis is no longer so hungry. Due to this and the fact that the car isn’t as strong as it once was, he is having major issues.

Hamilton did not appear to be a man who had lost motivation following Sunday’s chequered flag. He was crying as soon as he heard it on the team radio, and he kept crying throughout his interview with Sky Sports, which strengthened his resolve to win.

He said, “I can’t stop crying.” Since 2021, I’ve woken up early every day in an attempt to train, fight, focus, and work as hard as I can with this incredible team. With this team, this is my final British Grand Prix.

“I love them and am so grateful for all of their hard work over the years, which is why I wanted to win this so much for them. I will always be appreciative of everyone on this team. It’s really difficult [having lost since 2021].

However, what matters most is how you keep going deep even when you think you’ve reached your lowest point. Between 2021 and now, there have undoubtedly been days when I haven’t felt like I’m good enough or that I will return to where I am now.

However, the fact that I was surrounded by wonderful people is what matters most. To everyone here and at the factory, a huge, big thank you.”

In his nine seasons in the sport, Stewart finished second twice and won three F1 world titles between 1965 and 1973. At the time, Hamilton was told he was “short-minded” and ought to be motivating the upcoming generation of drivers in response to his remarks.

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