George Russell’s direct message to Lewis Hamilton after Silverstone win says it all

George Russell, Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate, had started the British Grand Prix on pole but was declared dead-not-seated (DNF) due to a mechanical issue. Lewis Hamilton completed his lengthy winless streak at Silverstone.

George Russell sent a heartfelt message to race winner Lewis Hamilton, putting aside his own heartbreak from the British Grand Prix.

The seven-time Formula One champion’s career-long 945-day wait for a race victory came to an end when he won at Silverstone. Although Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Russell had started the race ahead of him, he was the one who finished first.

The younger British competitor was vying for consecutive victories as well, following his triumph in Austria the week before. However, he will never know if he could have triumphed in front of his own supporters because the team was forced to retire the Mercedes due to a problem with its water system.

Russell was clearly disappointed, as evidenced by his expletives over the radio. He had begun the day with visions of a historic victory at Silverstone. Nevertheless, he managed to set aside his emotions and commend Hamilton for finishing the task.

After winning, the 39-year-old shared a heartfelt message on social media, writing: “YES! It’s finally arrived home, 945 days after the last victory. I cherish you, Silvertone. Nobody deserves this more than this crowd. This represents family and love. I appreciate your love and support, everyone.

Huge props to the team as well. All the individuals in the garage and at the factory have worked extremely hard to achieve this outcome. Although difficult, it has helped the team win back-to-back games. Above all, we remained optimistic. We persevered. IF YOU CONTINUE, THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. WE ARE STILL RISING.

Russell expressed his happiness for his teammate, despite his own misfortune, in response to that post. The 26-year-old wrote, “You deserve it, mate,” as a remark beneath Hamilton’s picture.

Following his DNF, Russell also penned a defiant letter to himself. “It was difficult to accept retiring so soon at our home race, but another victory for the team demonstrates the progress we’re making,” he wrote. We’ll never stop strengthening.”

Mercedes was unable to significantly improve their cars in comparison to those of their competitors for a considerable amount of time, but after a string of strong upgrades, the team principal Toto Wolff is optimistic that the Silver Arrows are finally on the right track. “It clicked when you realize that five races ago, we weren’t even in the running for the podium, and it appeared to be the third year of no performance,” the speaker stated.

All of a sudden, everything that was confusing made sense. and the development directions’ outcomes are returning to what they were in the past. We are determining performance, applying it to the vehicle, and seeing a change in lap time.”

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