July 23, 2024

The Rocket Mortgage Classic has been held at Detroit Golf Club since 2019 and has been won by some of the biggest names in the game; however, the current layout is in danger of “dying.”

The president of Detroit Golf Club has issued a warning, acknowledging that the elite course is in danger of “dying” if its century-old design isn’t changed.

Although Detroit Golf Club has produced some outstanding winners of the Rocket Mortgage Classic since 2019, there is concern for the club’s future despite the success of well-known players like Rickie Fowler, Cameron Davis, Bryson DeChambeau, and Tony Finau.

In an interview with Golfweek, Michael Pricer emphasized how quickly things must change in order to ensure the North Course’s financial stability. By 2026, the course—which hasn’t changed since it started 110 years ago—should have undergone a significant change.

“If we get an inch and a half of rain over 36 hours, we’re essentially flooded,” Pricer said, elucidating the economic strain brought on by weather conditions. The softness of the ground causes a loss in cart revenue.

“It simply has a very negative economic impact on the club. Ultimately, the golf course is the main reason we are here. It’s now time to commit to the purchase. since this is just my personal viewpoint. If this isn’t done, this course dies”.

The club, which was created by renowned Scottish architect Donald Ross—who also created the recognizable Pinehurst No. 2—is at a turning point in its remarkable history. Pinehurst No. 2 served as the venue for what some are referring to as the most thrilling major championship in recent memory, as Justin DeChambeau defeated Rory McIlroy in a thrilling final round at the US Open last month.

Based on information provided by Pricer, it appears that Detroit Golf Club will resemble Pinehurst No. 2 when it reopens. “Our goal is to restore it to the original Ross design,” he declared. “Therefore, upholding the club’s legacy and history while also truly paying tribute to the legacy that Donald Ross established,”

And when we’re through, we think this course will rank in the top 100. To be honest, I think it will resemble Pinehurst a lot. In actuality, we’re reconstructing the original green complexes that Ross had in mind. They are expected to be significantly larger and more transparent.”

You will therefore be able to see a far wider portion of the golf course. Yes, I believe it will be somewhat more open, but not nearly as radical as Oakland’s Hills Country Club.”

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