Phil Mickelson risks PGA Tour backlash with outlandish LIV Golf comments

In 2022, Phil Mickelson became one of the first well-known athletes to leave the PGA Tour and sign a big deal with LIV Golf after Saudi Arabia made an investment in the sport.

Unsettling some members of the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson has publicly declared that he wants LIV Golf to be remembered as his “legacy.”

The golfing icon is one of several well-known figures who left the PGA Tour to sign a big deal with LIV Golf in 2022, after Saudi Arabia made its first golfing steps into the world. Prior to changing sides, Mickelson had an outstanding record of 45 PGA Tour victories. However, it’s the controversial £155 million agreement he reluctantly signed with the LIV Golf Tour, which is supported by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

The 53-year-old golfer believes that despite having such a distinguished career behind him, he wants his recent accomplishments to live on forever. “Well, I mean I think hopefully LIV Golf and helping get the game to a younger crowd, helping get the game to younger players and giving them infrastructure to become great, helping to grow the game on a global basis,” said Mickelson, expressing his hopes to the Fairway to Heaven Podcast. Like, everything that LIV Golf is executing. I am deeply impacted by the accomplishments.”

When questioned once more about his “legacy” with LIV Golf, Mickelson said, “I sure hope so.” Because the guys who came to LIV didn’t have the option of attending elevated events or having equity in the tour.”

“And so the fact that we are invested and involved and integrated into the success of LIV – and I’m happy for the guys on the Tour that they now have all that stuff because they should,” he said, drawing even more contrast.

However, the crowd we’re drawing in is different from where we are. We are drawing a global audience as well. And that’s essential to the game’s long-term success.

“And it’s something that the previous Tour model would never be able to achieve because you couldn’t get all the guys to go play around the globe and draw in spectators who weren’t golfers.”

“I believe LIV Golf is doing that, and I hope that my association with LIV and LIV’s success will become my reputation.” With opinions among fans regarding his choice to join the breakaway tour, Mickelson acknowledged that the first two years of the LIV tour had not been easy.

“I knew the first two years were going to be difficult, but now that we are two years in, it’s completely different,” he remarked. Here, we’re having a great time. It’s so much fun here. The PGA Tour declared in March that it was hoping to reach an agreement with LIV Golf for a merger. But as of yet, no consensus has been reached.

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