LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman storms green as baffled Bryson DeChambeau prepares to hit

It didn’t seem like Bryson DeChambeau was all that happy with the stunt.

Over the weekend, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman pulled off an odd stunt that left confused Bryson DeChambeau getting ready to tee off.

DeChambeau was having a lengthy conversation with his caddie as he prepared to play the fifteenth hole in Nashville.

However, CEO Norman suddenly stormed onto the green and jokingly began tending the flag, interrupting the pair’s forensic analysis of how to address the hole.

Given that it’s a common move made by players attempting to putt from range, the less-than-subtle joke was in a way a compliment to the recent US Open champion.

But the stunt received mixed reviews as DeChambeau teed off on a par three.

The American player raised his arm as if to inquire as to Norman’s intentions on the golf course, giving the impression that he was perplexed by his behavior.

Fans, on the other hand, were crammed into the main stand behind the tee and enjoyed the Australian’s provocative antics.

Although it is uncommon for anyone to act in such a foolish manner when a golfer is about to tee off—including the CEO of the tournament—Norman’sactionswere consistent with the spirit of LIV Golf.

In an effort to give the Tennessee tournament a “classic stadium atmosphere and provide the electric soundtrack,” the organizers of the Nashville event converted the 15th hole into a “party hole.”

“Live music all day, with a classic Nashville sound, fan challenges, allowing them to test their skills against other fans and legendary announcer Alan Roach, conducting the party course-side,” is what fans attending the 15th hole can anticipate, according to the LIV Golf website.

Following the popularity of the party holes at LIV’s courses in Adelaide and Chicago, which in the past have produced some intriguing but distinctly un-golf-like scenes, the concept was replicated.

It occurs in the midst of a battle for golf’s future direction between the PGA Tour and the up-and-coming LIV.

The PGA and LIV have been in talks for a while now, hoping to heal the division in golf that resulted from the former’s rise to prominence in 2022.

The most recent information was provided in a memo sent to PGA Tour players last week.

It stated: “We are in the process of formulating a common vision for professional golf that will be pro-competitive and offer players the greatest worldwide opportunities. Our discussions are still in progress.”

“Throughout this process, your Player Directors have been invaluable. Their opinions and insights are guiding us in the right direction, and we’ll keep you informed as more work is completed.”

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