July 23, 2024

Following qualifying, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen were seen chatting.

Following their collision during qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, Lando Norris’ response upon discovering that Charles Leclerc had received a warning was extensively circulated on social media.

During FP3, Leclerc was having an incredible lap when Norris got in the way and he had to slow down.

The stewards chose to chastise the Ferrari star for his actions rather than penalise the frustrated Monegasque driver for waiting behind his rival and eventually making contact with him as he moved aggressively across the track.

The drivers expressed surprise at the decision, with Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Norris of McLaren discussing how they were shocked that their rival had not received a more serious penalty.

Verstappen confronted Norris after the incident and was heard saying, “It is very strange that he has been reprimanded,” in a video that was circulated online. Then, with obvious shock on his face, Norris answered, “That’s what he got?”

Then Verstappen clarified, saying, “Yeah, just a reprimand.” The stewards’ decision astounded Norris, who responded incredulously, saying, “My entire front wing was ruined!”

Verstappen concluded the conversation by stating, “I know, yes, crazy.” Even though Leclerc insisted on his innocence, the exchange undoubtedly revealed how Leclerc’s opponents felt he was let off after the incident that happened before the Spanish Grand Prix.

After the qualifying incident, he made the following statement: “The version is very simple.” I was running a push lap when Lando came out of the pit lane. I then had an abortion after he did.

I misjudged when I braked to be by his side. Hence, I was in the middle because I was getting impatient and was staring in the mirror rather than wanting to obstruct the cars behind me. We collided after trying to avoid each other, which was extremely risky. More than anything, though, it was a misunderstanding.

In response, Leclerc said, “No, no, no,” when asked if he had moved into Norris to make a point. When you do that, it always irritates you, but you feel compelled to avoid touching anything because, in FP3, damaging the car is the last thing you want to do—especially since I have qualifying afterward. thus it’s never the goal.

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