July 23, 2024

Bryson DeChambeau’s affirmative response to statements that he is the “best player in the world” has sparked reactions from fans on social media. After winning the 2024 US Open, the American golfer shot up to number ten in the Official World Golf Rankings.

DeChambeau finished in the top 10 of the leaderboards of the previous two Majors prior to winning the US Open. After taking home the US Open trophy, DeChambeau talked candidly about his performance at the Major. He gave a positive response when asked if he was the greatest player in the world, saying, “It’s not for me to decide.” He went on to say that his goal was to play the best golf possible and that his matches were his only priority.

Bryson DeChambeau’s remark on “Best in the world” was shared by Nuclr Golf on its X (previously Twitter) account.

“Am I the world’s greatest player? I’m just going to go out there and play the best golf I can and try to get that damn ball in the hole faster than anybody else; it’s not for me to decide. I refuse to assign myself a title or a label because that is not who I am. In addition to trying my hardest to play the best game of golf, my goals are to entertain and uplift others.

Fans’ thoughts in the comments section, however, were divided. People weighed in on his performance, comparing him to current World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler.
“I’ve made up my mind. Indeed, he is superior to Scottie rn,” a fan commented.
“Amazing. Another fan remarked, “He’s nowhere near #1.”

Some claimed that DeChambeau hasn’t been playing as well as Xander Schauffele, the 2024 PGA Championship winner, and Scottie Scheffler, the 2024 Masters victor.

Another fan said, “Scottie and maybe Xander have played better golf than him this year.”
Another fan said, “The US Open results would say he is currently the US Champion and best player until next year.”

What roles did Scottie Scheffler and Bryson DeChambeau play in 2024?
In 2024, Scottie Scheffler and Bryson DeChambeau have excelled in their respective games. Both have had outstanding performances on their respective circuits.

Scheffler is presently ranked #1 in the world after winning five PGA Tour events this season. At the Masters in April, he also took home the first Major of the year. Bryson DeChambeau, on the other hand, has excelled in the Majors despite winning no events on the LIV Golf Tour in 2024. He participated in eight LIV Golf tournaments this year and finished in the top ten four times. Fourth place in the Jeddah event was his best performance on the circuit. He finished second at the PGA Championship, tied for sixth at the Masters, and won the US Open in the Majors.

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