Brandel Chamblee goes on a war of words with ‘LIV bots’ after being accused of rooting against Bryson DeChambeau at US open

Fans of LIV Golf criticized Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel for his remarks following Bryson DeChambeau’s victory at the US Open. He was accused by a number of fans of publicly supporting the 30-year-old because of his affiliation with the Saudi-sponsored circuit. Chamblee made the decision to engage in a verbal duel with the fans on X in order to defend himself.

The former professional golfer who is now an analyst began by responding to supporters who claimed he was “unhappy” with DeChambeau’s victory. The sixty-one-year-old asserted that he was falsely charged with this. But shortly after, Chamblee lost control and attacked the “LIV bots” for their unrelenting accusations against him.

In response to a comment asking if he had “thought about how he appeared to be openly rooting against Bryson all day on Sunday,” the seasoned analyst lost it. He claimed that the supporters of the breakaway tour had deliberately targeted individuals who held differing opinions from their own and had fallen for a “narrative” crafted by the Saudis.

Brandel Chamblee wrote on X:

“I’ve given it a lot of thought how LIV bots and those they purchased wished to propagate that story for Saudi/MBS/PIF objectives. because they intend to discredit anyone whose objective contradicts their own and because they have evil intentions in the game. I gave Bryson the credit he deserved before, during, and after his victory.

In response to an alternative statement, Chamblee asserted that he “praised Bryson for several hours throughout the US Open week.”

He wrote:

“I applauded Bryson for hours during US Open week and on Live From… the visceral reaction to both the win and the loss—which is when sport is at its best—was what made this US Open so compelling.”

Chamblee responded differently, saying that his praise for Bryson DeChambeau’s victory was not “accidental.” The so-called “LIV hater” claimed to have applauded the former PGA Tour star’s personal development and metamorphosis. He described the Crushers GC skipper’s voyage as “inspiring in a lot of ways.”

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