July 23, 2024

It is believed that during Bryson DeChahmbeau’s coverage on Golf Channel, Brett Falkoff, the golfer’s agent, and Damon Hack got into an argument.

According to reports, Brett Falkoff, the agent of Bryson DeChambeau, got into a heated argument with Damon Hack of Golf Channel regarding the golfer’s coverage.

It is reported that the heated exchange happened soon after DeChambeau finished his third round at the US Open in 2024.

At Pinehurst No. 2, DeChambeau set himself up for a magnificent opportunity to win his second major championship. He will go into the final round of the third men’s major of the year with a three-shot lead.

According to Kevin Van Valkenburg of No Laying Up, the argument is believed to have taken place directly behind the 18th green while DeChambeau lingered to sign a few autographs, snap photos with fans, and speak with authorized media.

“As Bryson was wrapping up, Brett Falkoff, his agent, and Damon Hack got into a big shouting match right behind 18 green,” he said on the podcast.

This was not a private conversation, as we could all overhear, because all the media was sort of gathered there.

“They carried on into the parking lot, both of them extremely heated. remarking, “You guys have discussed Bryson a lot of s—.”

“And you believe that you can now obtain anything you desire? I want to offer him the choice to turn down the chance.”

Reporter Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports asserted that the information was accurate on X: “Able to verify.”

Additionally, Van Valkenburg informed the podcast that DeChambeau was not a part of the conversation.

The American channel’s coverage of LIV Golf League players was probably the source of the argument.

In June 2022, DeChambeau signed up for the Saudi-sponsored breakaway tour.

Saudi Arabia has been charged with attempting to use international sports as a way to try and improve its reputation.

Sportswashing is the term for this practice.

The most outspoken LIV critic on Golf Channel is none other than former PGA Tour player Brandel Chamblee.

When DeChambeau joined LIV, Chamblee doubted his religious beliefs.

He has declared the circuit to be “an insult to the integrity of competition” and demanded that Phil Mickelson be taken out of the golf hall of fame.

During last night’s broadcast, Chamblee also criticized LIV players when it was mentioned that breakaway tour players were having difficulty qualifying for the upcoming Olympics.

Chamblee remarked, “Well, LIV guys knew what they signed up for.”

“I am not the entire Golf Channel,” was Adamon’s point, Van Valkenburg went on. My opinions do not speak for everyone. I think I treated him fairly.

“And I believe Brett was making the point that, ‘That doesn’t matter, because Bryson sits next to Eamon at the desk, and Eamon has been very hard on Bryson.

” We were all a little taken aback by the sight of the tea.

“None of this involved Bryson in any way. It’s not something he ought to be held responsible for. However, it’s evident that his support system is fiercely protective of him and is prepared to, well, settle scores, if that’s the right term, essentially tell him, “If you have been talking s—, then your bills are coming due.”

You won’t have any time with him, even though he’s the greatest man in the game. You won’t succeed in obtaining your goals.”

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