Bryson DeChambeau’s agent, Golf Channel’s Damon Hack had ‘heated’ argument at U.S. Open

Is Bryson DeChambeau being treated justly by the golf media? It’s a matter of personal opinion. However, Brett Falkoff, who represents DeChambeau, believes he’s not. Following the conclusion of the U.S. Open on Saturday, Falkoff expressed his views on the matter.

After the tournament ended, Kevin Van Valkenburg from No Laying Up appeared on the No Laying Up Live program to discuss a situation involving Falkoff and Damon Hack from The Golf Channel.

“Van Valkenburg reported that Brett Falkoff, Bryson’s representative, and Damon Hack engaged in a heated argument right after the 18th green, as Bryson was about to finish his round,” he said. “It was clear from overhearing the conversation, which the media had gathered around, that this was not a casual exchange. The tension escalated, and the argument spilled over into the parking lot. Hack accused his counterpart of having excessively criticized Bryson, questioning whether they thought they could now get away with anything. He expressed his desire to give Bryson the choice to reject any offers.”

Dan Wolken of USA Today shared Van Valkenburg’s account of the incident on X (formerly Twitter). Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports confirmed the details.

In the report that starts at 15:43 in the video that is posted below, Van Valkenburg repeatedly stated that DeChambeau was not involved in the dispute. Additionally, Van Valkenburg stated, “I believe Damon was very respectful.” Brett was, I believe, generally quite respectful.

“Damon made the statement, ‘I am not the Golf Channel.'” My opinions do not speak for everyone. I’ve treated him fairly so far. Additionally, I believe Brett was making the point that, “That doesn’t matter because Bryson sits next to Eamon at the desk and Eamon has been very hard on Bryson.” We were all sort of like, “Whoa, look at this tea.”

“None of this involved Bryson in any way. It is not something he ought to be held responsible for. However, it’s evident that his support system is fiercely protective of him and is prepared to, well, settle scores, if that’s the right term, essentially tell him, “If you have been talking ****, then your bills are coming due.” You won’t have any time with him, even though he’s the greatest man in the game. You won’t succeed in obtaining your goals.

Entering the final round on Sunday, DeChambeau leads by three strokes after shooting a 67 on Saturday.

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