Jon Rahm withdraws from US Open just hours after providing ‘concerning’ update

Jon Rahm sustained a foot injury at LIV Golf Houston last week, thus he has withdrawn from the U.S. Open this week.

Jon Rahm, a two-time major winner, has withdrew from the Pinehurst U.S. Open.

After six holes of his second round at LIV Golf Houston on Saturday, the Spaniard had to withdraw due to an infection in his left foot. Rahm made the decision to take a break and withdraw from the U.S. Open, even though the infection was apparently getting better.

Rahm made the following announcement on social media: “After speaking with a number of physicians and my team, I have determined that it is best for my long-term health to not compete in this week’s US Open Championship. Saying that I’m disappointed would be a vast understatement!

“I want to thank the USGA staff, volunteers, and Pinehurst community for organizing and hosting what I’m sure will be an incredible championship! I wish all of my peers the best of luck! I hope to return to action as soon as possible!

Rahm told reporters on Tuesday about his foot injury, saying, “Oh, it’s a concern.” It is improving. It is improving. but pain is undoubtedly still present.

We’ve been attempting to identify it because it seems like a skin lesion would be the most appropriate term. It’s a little low between my pinky toe and the next toe, if I were to show it to you. It got infected; I’m not sure how or what happened. It hurt a lot.

“I did receive a shot to numb the area on Saturday morning, during the Saturday round. I was in pain by the second hole, and it was supposed to last the entire round. What was concerning was the infection. Even though the infection is now under control, the pain and swelling persist.

“I came out here in a shoe and flip-flop for a reason—I wanted to keep the area dry and encourage it to heal as quickly as possible. However, I’m limited to what I can do. The human body has a limited rate of function.

Rahm had told reporters that he thought he could win at any course, but his health prevented him from having any chance of winning at Pinehurst. Rahm has thus withdrew, and this is just over a day before the U.S. Open begins.

Rahm withdrew from last week’s LIV Golf event at three under par, but the pain he was in during his shots was intolerable. When Rahm teed off at the par-three seventh hole in the first round, the foot infection first showed symptoms, causing him to wince in agony and hobble off the course. In addition, Rahm was making his first competitive appearance since the PGA Championship, where he shot one-under at Valhalla last month but was unable to make the cut. That was in Houston.

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