Brandel Chamblee rips apart “laughable” LIV Golf format – “It’s an insult to the integrity of competition”

Within the golf community, the establishment of the LIV Golf League in 2022 has generated a lot of discussion. Former professional golfer and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee hasn’t held back when sharing his opinions about the league, which is supported by Saudi Arabia.

Chamblee has frequently criticized LIV Golf’s structure and management on social media. He restated on the No Laying Up podcast that PIF, the league’s main backer, has not yet seen a “worthwhile return” on their investment in the league.

“I think it’s an insult to the integrity of competition,” said Chamblee (at 1:34:00). “So you come to the last hole and you need to birdie to win the individual competition but a par to win the team. Are you really trying to make a birdie because if you take the risk and the team loses there’s hell to pay.”

In a May 2024 interview with Golf WRX, Brandel Chamblee continued to be critical of the league’s operations. LIV Golf uses a shotgun format, meaning that players tee off simultaneously from different holes, as opposed to the PGA Tour’s staggered tee times. Chamblee expressed:

“LIV’s format is just ridiculous. There isn’t another term for it. 54 players start out on 54 holes. Randomly here and there. Nobody should win a golf tournament by finishing on a par three third hole while his closest rivals are finishing on the 17th or 18th hole. It’s just a ridiculous idea. It is impossible to evaluate these players’ skill levels.”

Examining the rivalry between Anthony Kim of LIV Golf and Brandel Chamblee

Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee, who is well-known for voicing strong opinions about the LIV Golf League, have been engaged in a never-ending back and forth. After a 12-year hiatus, Kim returned to the Saudi-based league in 2024 and hasn’t held back when challenging Chamblee. Brandel Chamblee accused the former PGA Tour player of joining LIV Golf solely for the pay check in an interview with Golf WRX in May 2024. He referred to Kim as a “youngster” and described him as “someone who’s been bought,” saying:

“I considered it to be childish. Juveniles can act like children on social media, just like they can in the McDonald’s ball pit without an adult watching.”

Anthony Kim responded to Chamblee on his X account by writing:

Once more, an untrue claim made by someone who would know about hanging around ball pits when he abandoned his family and four children for @GolfChannel, a person half his age. incredibly unprofessional. I’m not for sale, either. Playing in the @livgolf_league was the best option for my family and me.”

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