Lewis Hamilton has run-in with Canadian GP security guard who asked F1 icon for ID

Lewis Hamilton is well-known to most people, but there is one security guard in the Canadian Grand Prix paddock who doesn’t even need to look twice to identify him.

When a security guard in the Canadian Grand Prix paddock asked Lewis Hamilton to present his identity badge, he was taken aback.

Everybody in the Formula 1 paddock is required to always have their passes around their necks. However, since the drivers are the stars of the show, they usually get away with it without having to.

However, Hamilton demonstrated in Montreal that not everyone is familiar with even the most well-known figures in sports. He was traveling through the paddock on a scooter when a staff member asked him to present his identity pass, according to footage that was posted on social media.

Hamilton, the Mercedes driver, sped past the man and then, looking around in disbelief, slowed down before turning and going about his day. Fans naturally responded to the video very strongly on the internet.

One said, laughing, “The way Lewis looks at him, I’m dying.” “Lewis is definitely one of the probably dozen people who can walk around F1 pits without credentials,” another commenter stated. A third said, “Everyone should wear their passes, but all track staff and anyone else working on the track should be familiar with the F1 drivers beforehand.”

Numerous people, including one who wrote: “Looked like he’s asking Lewis to show his pass rather than demanding to see it, pointed out that the security guard was just following the rules.” To be clear, when he insisted on seeing the pass, that guy was carrying out his duties. Not every paddock security guard or volunteer will be an F1 fan, so they might not know Lewis.”

Despite the fact that Hamilton hasn’t won an F1 race in a while, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is among his all-time best courses. Only Michael Schumacher, who owns an equal number of Formula One titles as the British driver, has accomplished the incredible feat of winning there seven times before.

Mercedes hasn’t been able to compete for victories yet this year, but they’ve upgraded their vehicle for Montreal and are talking up their car a lot. Prior to the weekend, Hamilton expressed his belief that his colleagues will eventually provide him with a competitive vehicle to operate.

The British driver stated: “The vehicle is still getting better. Thus, my hope is that we can close the gap with these guys and begin to compete at the front. Not that it’s that far away. I’m excited to see how that feels on the track now that we have the upgrade this weekend for both cars.”

Hamilton was the fastest overall by a considerable margin in the one dry practice session of the weekend, sparking speculation that the seven-time Formula One champion might be in the mix on Sunday.

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