Golf Channel reporter left red-faced after interviewing wrong person live on air

The Golf Channel mistook their conversation for one with Texas legend and former No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft, quarterback Vince Young, which led to an awkward exchange.

Reporter Lauren Withrow thought she had former college football icon Vince Young in front of her during a live broadcast, so she interviewed the wrong sports star, leaving The Golf Channel embarrassed.

At the BMW Charity Pro-Am in South Carolina on Thursday, there was a ridiculous mix-up where Withrow approached someone she thought was Young, the former Texas hero and third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. Rather, she struck up a conversation with Everette Sands, the assistant football coach at Citadel.

“Six seasons in the NFL, probably one of the best NCAA quarterbacks of all time at Texas, picked up golf about four years ago,” Withrow said with enthusiasm. “What’s the biggest shift you’ve made going from the ultimate team sport to the ultimate individual sport?” Withrow then asked.

Coach Sands, an offensive skill specialist at Citadel, corrected the woman politely, saying, “Now, I apologize.” The person you have is not the right one. My name is Everette Sands. which is that I coach football. The wonderful thing about golf, though, is that I’m competing against everyone else in addition to myself.”

Withrow changed course quickly to ask Sands about his first Pro-AM experience, to which he replied, “It’s great to be out here.” While playing with some professional golfers can be intimidating, it can also be a great experience.”

Speaking to WCIV, Sands offered his perspective on the confusion, saying, “A young woman approached and said, ‘Vince,’ which I took to mean that she was introducing herself to me.” “Can I get an interview after you tee off?” she asked. And my response was, “Okay.”

“She thinks I’m Vince Young,” I said to her when she started talking about how great she was as an NCAA quarterback, how she played for Texas, and how she had a six-year NFL career. It was a really fascinating time.”

The irony was enhanced when Sands ran into Young later that day. “When Vince came up, I said, ‘Hey, Vince, how you doing?'” he recalled. Vince Young is my name.’ He gave me a vague smile and I said, “But let me tell you the story behind this.” It did make him laugh quite a bit.

Seeing the humorous side of his mistaken identity, Sands—who was paired with former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf—shared it on social media. “Had a great time at @BMWProAm today,” he posted. Even after one of the holes today, I was interviewed!”

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