Anthony Kim reignites feud with Brandel Chamblee after taking brutal Ryder Cup dig

In recent months, Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee have engaged in a verbal sparring match on social media. The LIV Golf star has now again targeted the Golf Channel analyst.

Once again, Anthony Kim has taken aim at Brandel Chamblee, the analyst for Golf Channel, pointing out that the former PGA Tour player has never competed in a Ryder Cup.

After a 12-year hiatus, Kim unexpectedly returned to the world of professional golf in February when he revealed he had signed on as a 2024 wildcard with LIV Golf. Kim had been out of the game and the spotlight for more than ten years after suffering several injuries while competing on the PGA Tour in 2012.

Since then, he has chosen to return, placing himself at the center of the drama between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour that has split the sport in half over the previous two years.

Since Kim decided to switch to Saudi Arabia, there has been a verbal spat between him and Chamblee, who has been one of LIV’s harshest critics. Earlier this week, the LIV wildcard reignited the tension between the two by criticizing Chamblee’s inexperience at the highest level of professional golf.

“What is wrong with golf is guys like that. Kim stated to the Country Club Adjacent podcast, “Brandel talks about things he doesn’t know anything about.” “I watched a Mark Lye interview that was on the Golf Channel with Brandel and David Duval. Brandel talked endlessly about the atmosphere in the Ryder Cup room. In what way would you know?

“This is David Duval, the top player in the world who competed for several Ryder Cup teams, holds numerous records, and has amassed a million victories. You’re talking to him too much about how things are and how they’re feeling. We would call you Brandel if they were discussing what it’s like to drive to the Korn Ferry [Tour] event and miss the cut!

Last month, Kim and Chamblee exchanged barbs over the latter’s remarks that the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) and the PGA Tour were “the better end of the bargain,” even though Kim had previously criticized PIF. Kim tweeted, “Ramble Chamblee.”

“@chambleebrandel, you’re such a ——— 4 hammering on your chest, essentially advocating for hypocritical retreat and never retreat. It’s no secret that most people in the golf world detest this incompetent fool. Will you still cover golf if @livgolf_league is participating? It didn’t take Chamblee, a critic of LIV, long to respond viciously.

“This is sadly ironic coming two tweets after you asked for advice on raising your daughter that you would refer to someone as a female body part in a juvenile attempt to denigrate them,” he tweeted. “This is about as inaccurate as a lot of Mickelson’s drives.” Regarding your criticism of my statement that a deal with the Saudis is the best deal for golf at the moment, I have made this statement recently because I don’t believe the Saudis will give up on the game, they will still pose a threat to poach and dilute the PGA Tour’s product.

Golf has had to attempt to figure out how to lessen the influence of MBS, PIF, and LIV in the otherwise charitable and merit-based world of professional golf. This is due to the tragic reality that you and your brethren on the LIV tour are willingly dealing with a murderous dictator for profit so that he can hide his atrocities.”

Later, Chamblee revealed to Golf Channel that he mistakenly believed Kim’s first tweet to be from a “bot” before discovering it was Kim’s personal account that had been “bought.” The LIV Golf star naturally retaliated, aiming her shot at Bailey Mosier, Chamblee’s wife.

“Yet another false claim made by someone who would know about loitering near ball pits when he abandoned his family and four children for someone half his age @GolfChannel,” Kim retaliated.Extremely incompetent. I’m not for sale, either. My family and I decided to play in the @livgolf_league since it was the best option.”

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