Lando Norris snaps at Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz in “excruciating” interview

Ted Kravitz, a pit lane reporter for Sky Sports F1 championship, has been interviewing Lando Norris for years, but he acknowledged that the McLaren driver’s answer to one of his questions caught him off guard.

Following the Monaco Grand Prix, Ted Kravitz disclosed a “torturous” interview he conducted with Lando Norris.

A few weeks earlier, in Miami, Norris had won his first-ever Formula One race.He finished fourth in this race. And, as he did following that historic triumph, he seized the opportunity in Monaco to party after his responsibilities at the track ended. He was seen having fun at the upscale Jimmy’z nightclub.

And the next time Kravitz, the F1 favorite on Sky Sports, interviewed him. His time in the club was the subject of the first question, which got a more somber than anticipated answer. Kravitz talked about the awkward moment on his podcast, Ted’s Podbook. He said, addressing David Croft and Rachel Brookes, his coworkers at Sky, “Did you hear about my horrible interview with Lando? I asked him first, “How was the party at Jimmy’z nightclub on Sunday night in Monaco?” since he lives there and went to celebrate.

Even when he doesn’t win the race, Lando celebrates, as George Russell puts it. Lando sort of looked at me and said, “Racing drivers should be allowed to go off and celebrate, why can’t we have a private life, you don’t need to know what happened.” It was a fairly lighthearted question, with the old man referring to a nightclub for young people.

“It hurt so much. After the game, I asked the McLaren press guy what he thought I was doing, and he said he thought [Norris] was just being awkward to counter my joke. I was completely taken in by his charmingly straight face, if that’s what he was doing.”

When it came to his media responsibilities in advance of the Canadian Grand Prix, Norris was his usual easygoing self. Despite the fact that McLaren is one of the favorites to win and should do well at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, he believes Ferrari will prevail this weekend.

He remarked, “I believe that right now, on weekends, we seem to be close and unable to say no. Never will I say to myself, “Yeah, this is my weekend.” However, I feel comfortable enough to state that over the past few weekends, we’ve shown that we’re competitive and that we’re up against Ferrari and Red Bull. Thus, let me say that, yes, we are having a good by accident. I think I’m playing at a very high level with the team. We have great confidence heading into every weekend because the entire team is together.

“Ferrari, in my opinion, are favorites. This is where kerb riding plays a major role. It will be quite close. I cannot predict who is going to win—us, Ferrari, or Red Bull. That is what makes it exciting. It will be close and none of us really knows. I would probably list Ferrari as my favorite.”

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