Tiger Woods sparks concern among golf fans with footage of legend slurring his words

After video of the renowned golfer slurring his words surfaced on social media, Tiger Woods’ admirers became concerned.

After a video of the golf icon was shared on social media, Tiger Woods has alarmed his followers.

American professional poker player Phil Hellmuth captured footage of the 15-time major winner at the golfer’s Tiger Jam poker charity event. Celebrities and well-known poker faces are known to attend Woods’ poker night.

During the May 31–June 1 event, Hellmuth ran into the 48-year-old, and they started talking about Woods’ TGR Foundation. Woods and his father founded the foundation in 1996 with the goal of providing community-based support for children in America.

Speaking to Hellmuth on camera about his fulfilling endeavor, Woods revealed to the poker ace that the stories children tell after receiving an education from his foundation are what drive TGR’s biggest success.

Hellmuth shared a video of himself conversing with Woods and gaming streamer Ninja at the event, which appeared improbable. Before praising the five-time Masters champion, the poker star thanked Woods for hosting the event.

“I believe it stems from the anecdotes that children come back and share; they are the first in their family to attend college, and their parents and grandparents told them it was pointless,” Woods told Hellmuth.

They go from being struggling college students to attending esteemed universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Yale, and they accomplish incredible things there. One of the directors who successfully landed a rover on Mars is one of our girls who attended our learning lab early on.

Fans were perplexed by the video, though, with some wondering if the golfer was struggling to speak or if he had consumed too much alcohol. Can we just be honest for a moment here, golf fans? one fan account stated. Is there anyone in his camp who is close enough to him to intervene and provide him with genuine assistance? Someone from his household? Someone? This is not how anyone wants to see him. It sucks.

Some, however, think he was just having a few alcoholic drinks to enjoy the evening. Another person said, “Let him enjoy his life.” Avoid passing judgment! His foundation is making amazing progress. “The tiger looks so hot!” exclaimed someone else. With a third interrogation: “People are angry that he’s having parties in Vegas? How come?

Woods was arrested for driving under the influence in 2017 close to his Jupiter Island, Florida, home. In the end, he entered a guilty plea to reckless driving and was sentenced to a year of probation, during which he was not permitted to consume alcohol.

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