Xander Schauffele admits to holding LIV Golf talks and tears into Jay Monahan

In the midst of the American circuit’s ongoing drama with their LIV Golf rivals, Xander Schauffele once again cast doubt on PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan.

The newly crowned U.S. PGA champion Xander Schauffele acknowledged that he had conversations with LIV Golf representatives after venting his resentment towards PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan.

Over the past two years, Schauffele’s name has been at the center of the PGA Tour-LIV Golf rivalry, but he has chosen to stick with the circuit based in the United States. Having not finished outside of the top-15 since 2018, the world No. 2 has established himself as one of the biggest names in the sport in recent years.

The Olympic champion’s resume was lacking a major championship, but last month at Valhalla, after defeating Bryson DeChambeau to win the PGA Championship, he was able to finally cross this off his list.

Following the revelation by Schauffele’s father that there was “no chance” the American would convince Saudi Arabia to switch to the LIV configuration, the American has now acknowledged his ties to the rival league. He told The Times, “It’s funny, my friends used to send me screenshots of me being the favorite to join LIV.”

“The odds were calculated solely based on my silence, but actions speak louder than words. I’ve shown up to play in PGA Tour events every week. My career is where I’m happy, and I don’t really see myself going anywhere else. At minimum, I had to sit down and listen to what was being offered.

“But as soon as I realized it wouldn’t really fit in with how I envisioned my career, it just fizzled out.” Schauffele has not held back from voicing his displeasure to those in positions of authority, especially to Monahan, the circuit’s commissioner, despite his commitment to the PGA Tour.

The commissioner was forced to make a complete 180-degree turn after Monahan’s initial attempt to remove the LIV league from the top of the professional golf rankings failed. After declaring a framework agreement with LIV’s backers, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF), in June of last year, Monahan abruptly left the sport.

Many PGA Tour players, including Schauffele, questioned the decision; his position has not changed. “I can say this: in the midst of all of this chaos, I think what’s bothered me the most is that we need a leader, we need someone to guide us,” he said.

Although I have previously criticized Jay, the truth is that our commander in chief has never once defended the players as a whole, saying, ‘This is happening, this is where we’re going,’ and essentially shielding us. He didn’t confront the music in public, he didn’t make a stand when others left, or any of that.

“There were undoubtedly valid reasons for Monahan’s medical leave of absence, which he took shortly after the announcement, but historically, difficult circumstances call for a strong leader who can defuse tensions and boost morale. We do not currently have that.

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