LIV Golf star Ian Poulter left furious after airline leaves his clubs at home days before tournament

This week at the Golf Club of Houston in Texas, LIV Golf makes its return following a month-long hiatus. However, Ian Poulter has to race against time to get his golf clubs back.

Ian Poulter’s bag got left at Heathrow Airport, so he’s flying to Houston for the most recent LIV Golf event without any clubs.

Along with his Majesticks GC teammates, Poulter, 48, is scheduled to tee off on Thursday; however, neither he nor Henrik Stenson have their clubs to begin the week. Before play at the Houston Golf Club got underway on Monday night, the co-captains took a plane to the United States. After a break for the PGA Championship, this is the league’s first event in a month.

Poulter was notified that his golf bag was not on the same flight, though, after takeoff. According to the player, it’s still at Heathrow, close to the British Airways lounge in Terminal 5.

Poulter got the unfortunate news via text message while in the air, as reported on social media. He posted a screenshot with the caption, “Dear customer – BA regret to inform you that a bag has not traveled with you today.”

Poulter used his Instagram Story to discuss the situation in great detail. “FFS @british_airways, what a letdown,” he commented. Twenty minutes and two hours before the flight, I checked in. What possible reason could there be?

“I only discovered the email three hours into the journey. If you hadn’t sent my golf clubs, I wouldn’t have bothered to fly. Able to breathe fresh air.” Poulter restates in a follow-up post that includes a selfie of him: “Talk about —— off @british_airways.”

“The golf bag did not weigh too much. I scanned it, took it to oversize, and watched it slide down the belt. #Pathetic.” Later on, he uploaded a picture that revealed where his bag was. Poulter wrote, “@british_airways, if you’re struggling to find my bag, it’s here.”

Another post that highlighted a different group of clubs that were lost said, “@british_airways There are also golf clubs owned by @henrickstenson, just for the record. While you’re looking for mine, you might as well find those too. You guys excel at charging for flight, that’s the one thing.”

Before the incident, Poulter had been in a better mood, having posted a selfie of himself on the plane with the caption, “Heading to Houston.”

He also wrote on social media that “the guy in front is snoring so loud it’s permanent turbulence,” so it’s a “good job” he had some earphones. Poulter posted a picture of his Cavapoo named Ryder curled up on his bed in the last post before fans found out about his clubs.

The caption said, “It seems like this little guy is going to miss his old man.” “Just keep my pillow warm, please,”

Houston is hosting the first of two consecutive LIV Golf events in the United States. Poulter is scheduled to perform at The Grove in Nashville two weeks from now. Between the two competitions is the US Open, which Poulter hasn’t participated in since 2021.

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