July 23, 2024

The boyhood buddy of golfer Grayson Murray has revealed their last chat prior to the player’s passing.

Golfer Carter Jenkins revealed details of a “casual” farewell chat he had with Grayson Murray at Raleigh, North Carolina’s Wildwood Green Golf Club, where the two played as children. Jenkins characterized their conversation as “casual conversation, the usual back and forth,” during which they discussed the Masters and the US Open. I didn’t think it would be the final one.”

Shortly after withdrawing from the Charles Schwab Challenge, Murray, 30, was discovered dead in his Florida home on Friday night. Jenkins and the golf community were taken aback by this news.

Since then, Murray’s family has revealed the devastating news that he committed suicide, leaving friends like Jenkins finding it difficult to cope. “I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard the news,” Jenkins said in an interview with Chip Alexander of the Raleigh News and Observer.

More than anything, it was somewhat of an out-of-body experience. I was seated for approximately five minutes, unsure of how to respond to it.

It has grown increasingly difficult as the days have passed because it has become more and more real. in particular, spending this week at Raleigh Country Club at home. It reminds me of the things we used to do together when we were both out here and in high school every time I set foot on the property.”

Jenkins thought back with nostalgia to the times he and Murray practiced together at northwest Raleigh’s Leesville Road High School. Jenkins continued their friendly competition as he rose through the college and professional golf ranks.

In terms of his higher education, Jenkins stuck to his roots, attending UNC-Greensboro at first before moving to North Carolina in the Research Triangle and beginning his journey to become a professional golfer. Jenkins had already competed in two PGA Tour events by 2024.

By January 2024, Murray was ranked among the top 50 golfers in the world. His greatest accomplishment of the year came early in the Sony Open in Hawaii, where he won his second PGA Tour title and set a record for the highest cut-line percentage in his 14 tour appearances in 2024.

Murray’s influence, however, went far beyond the fairways and greens; people praised him for his bravery in opposing social injustice and his openness about his struggles with mental health. Jenkins clarified, “He was true to himself and was not afraid to be himself.”

“Even though his problems have been widely reported, I believe that his positive influence on others and his unwavering passion for the game he loved ultimately have a greater lasting impact.

“Because problems affect everyone. Everybody battles their own demons. He faced his challenges head-on and overcame them to lead an incredible life and career. He made everyone around him better because he was so at ease with himself.”

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