Lando Norris fumes at “frustrating and unfair” FIA decision as F1 rival agrees

Lando Norris felt that race control’s “unfair” decision, which favored Carlos Sainz, kept him from finishing on the podium at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Following race control’s “unfair” decision to give rival Carlos Sainz a reprieve, Lando Norris lodged a complaint about the Monaco Grand Prix outcome.

In the Principality, the Spaniard came in third place, sharing the podium with Australian Oscar Piastri and winner Charles Leclerc. However, Norris, the other McLaren driver, believes Sainz ought to have been dousing champagne instead.

Following contact with Piastri, the 29-year-old Ferrari star sustained a puncture at the first corner. He made it to Casino Square after climbing the hill, but his flat tire caused him to go straight ahead while others turned around and screech to a stop.

It appeared as though he had lost his opportunity to score. But, there had been a massive collision back down the hill that eliminated Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen, and Sergio Perez and resulted in a red flag for the race.

The order in which the cars were parked at the second safety car line on the track had to be followed for the restart, according to the FIA. This was due to the fact that not every car had finished the first lap of the track when the race was called off.

Sainz was able to continue racing after a tyre change as a result of that decision, as opposed to starting from the back. Angry at the decision, Norris never had the chance to pass on the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

“It’s not the most fair thing, but I’m sure there’s been moments in the past where maybe I’ve been fortunate from it and they could have they fixed the car a little bit or something like that,” the British driver said after the race.

To put it simply, it is unfair and annoying that someone can make a mistake and then get away with it by getting a free pit stop because, due to a certain number of cars or whatever the rule is, they didn’t cross the line before the red flag and, blah, blah. It’s not fair.

George Russell, a driver for Mercedes, agreed with him, saying that Sainz was fortunate to be able to maintain third place. “That’s not correct,” declared the director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association. I’m not sure exactly what the decision is. However, that was a little odd.

However, McLaren team principal Andrea Stella acknowledged that the regulations had been appropriately implemented. “I think what the FIA did was the best thing to do,” the Italian stated, referring to how the restart order was decided. Additionally, it complies with the precedent, which states that in the event that sector times are unavailable, you should utilize safety car line two. Lucky Carlos!”

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