July 23, 2024

During the Monaco Grand Prix practice, Lando Norris lost his composure and expressed his annoyance at George Russell for having to act evasively on the track.

The Formula 1 stewards have scolded Lando Norris for making a “deliberate move” on George Russell during the Monaco Grand Prix practice session.

It occurred during the last practice in Monte Carlo, which was held in advance of Saturday’s highly anticipated qualifying session. In order to have the best chance of winning the pole position for Sunday’s main event, every driver was attempting to complete their last fast laps.

One of the strong candidates for pole was Norris. He was therefore even more irritated when he had to abandon one of his flying laps due to Russell’s slow-moving Mercedes surfacing at the end of the track’s well-known tunnel section.

In an attempt to clear the path, Russell had shifted his vehicle to the left of the track. However, drivers have even less time than usual to react due to the abrupt change in lighting, and Norris almost got hit by the car in front of him.

And in an X-rated radio message, the British person voiced his disapproval. He yelled, “F***ing idiots.” “All of these guys, these guys! Only a portion of them—not all of them.”

More than that, it seemed as though he briefly steered to the left to bring his McLaren to within inches of Russell’s vehicle, according to the footage from his onboard camera. And it was precisely that behavior that drew the stewards’ notice, prompting an investigation into the 24-year-old following the session.

Norris is still vying for pole position in qualifying despite avoiding a penalty for his actions. However, the stewards, not impressed by his snappy response to his frustration at having his lap ruined, slapped him with an official reprimand.

“We heard from Car 4 [Norris], Car 63 [Russell], team representatives, and reviewed video, team radio, and in-car video evidence. We determined that Car 4 deliberately moved towards Car 63 to express his displeasure at his lap being affected by Car 63 at the exit of the tunnel on the approach to Turn 10,” the stewards wrote in their official decision document.

“Although the action in this case was not dangerous, it is best to avoid taking actions of this nature as they may result in dangerous situations. For this reason, we issue a warning to Car 4’s driver.”

During that same session, Max Verstappen received a warning from the stewards for driving too slowly. The stewards did not like that the Red Bull driver’s final flying lap was marred by traffic, even though they acknowledged that he did not impede anyone’s path and that his actions were not considered dangerous. As a result, the driver slowed down to 20 kph seconds before the session ended.

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