Lando Norris snubbed as Red Bull F1 chief names biggest Monaco GP threat

Although Lando Norris has emerged as McLaren’s main threat to Max Verstappen in recent weeks, Helmut Marko believes another competitor will emerge in Monte Carlo.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Helmut Marko believes Ferrari will be Red Bull’s main competitors.

Red Bull has been under pressure in recent weeks despite their long history of getting things their own way. At Imola on Sunday, Lando Norris finished just a second behind Max Verstappen after winning in Miami earlier this month.

The updated McLaren vehicles have demonstrated their ability to compete with Red Bull on the racetrack. However, longtime team adviser to the reigning Formula One champions Marko believes the Scuderia will probably be the ones stepping up their game in the Principality.

“I think the Ferrari will be more of a challenge in Monte Carlo than McLaren, because it’s all about qualifying,” the Austrian said, as reported by Undoubtedly, we must accept this challenge.”

As usual when the Formula One circus arrives in Monaco, qualifying is going to be important this weekend, as Marko mentioned. On the winding streets of Monte Carlo, thirteen of the previous twenty pole-sitters have gone on to win.

At Imola, McLaren ran Verstappen closest in qualifying, with Norris and Oscar Piastri posting fastest laps that were separated by just a tenth of a second from the Dutchman’s pole position. However, Ferrari was also a factor, and one of the top qualifiers on the grid is thought to be Charles Leclerc.

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, disagrees with Marko and thinks McLaren will still be a problem for his team. “I think you have to say McLaren,” he uttered. They currently drive a very fast car.

“Piastri appeared swift at times, and Lando finished the race there very quickly. It’s great for you guys [the media] that we have four more cars to compete with because Ferrari is also in the noise with them!

“Having a strong front-end and a one-lap performance will be crucial because, fundamentally, the race is won on Saturday.” And because of their remarkable development, Horner believes McLaren will keep posing a threat to Red Bull in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

“They have been the main competitor over the last couple of races, and they have definitely added performance to their car,” he continued. The philosophy and ours are extremely similar. We anticipate that they will compete on all circuits.”

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