Lando Norris sends ‘nervous’ message to Max Verstappen at Monaco Grand Prix

On Sunday afternoon, Lando Norris is looking forward to another battle for the win at the Monaco Grand Prix.

According to Lando Norris, Max Verstappen “felt nervous” at the front of the field “about time.” After five races, the three-time world champion appeared to be winning the World Championship handily, but McLaren caught up to Red Bull before the Monaco Grand Prix.

With a stellar drive, Norris secured his first-ever Grand Prix victory at the Miami Grand Prix. The 24-year-old came very close to repeating the feat in Imola, finishing just 0.7 seconds behind Verstappen.

Norris said to Sky Sports F1 of the near-miss in Imola, “I did everything I thought was right at the time.” You always wonder, “What really could I have done that little bit differently,” when it’s so close, but there’s always something you could have done a little bit better or differently.

Max could have reviewed the information and made the same statement, I’m sure. Nice to know, though, that it wasn’t a simple one for him. It’s about time someone put him under pressure, causing him to experience some nervousness once more, as I’m sure he hasn’t in a long time.

“We want to go into races now and be confident in racing against the Red Bull and Ferrari because we are in the mix with them,” the driver said. “I don’t want to be overconfident—that’sneverbeen me.”

The real fight will be won or lost in qualifying on Saturday, but Norris will have another opportunity to win on Sunday in Monaco. He will need to break Verstappen’s record of eight consecutive pole positions in order to have a chance of finishing on the podium because pole position is crucial in this race due to the incredibly narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

Although the British driver is 60 points behind Verstappen in the standings after seven races, Norris will soon begin dreaming of a Drivers’ Championship title fight if McLaren keeps up their rapid ascent.

He clarified, “We have a very long way to go and we’re only a third of the way through, so I think many, many things can happen.” However, Monaco is also a place where anything can occur. I would therefore never again say “no.”

“I’m sick and tired of kind of underestimating our collective potential. We’re confident and ready to compete. We’ve had a strong run of results—second, first, second—and there’s no reason why we can’t carry that into Monaco. Although it’s not considered to be our greatest track, anything can happen.”

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