Bryson DeChambeau actions in car park speak volumes after PGA boos

Following his disappointing performance on Sunday, the last day of the PGA Championship, Bryson DeChambeau displayed his true colors in the parking lot.

Even after suffering a heartbreaking defeat in the PGA Championship this past weekend, Bryson DeChambeau showed class by remaining behind to sign autographs for fans in the parking lot.

A few people were taken aback by DeChambeau’s agonizingly close finish; the 30-year-old was just one stroke behind winner Xander Schauffele, who maintained composure to win his first major championship at Valhalla.

Before the tournament, DeChambeau was jeered by supporters still enraged over his 2022 defection to LIV Golf. However, the American managed to win over many hearts and minds with his courageous play throughout the weekend as well as a few commendable moments off the course.

The 2020 US Open winner was clearly devastated by his second-place finish as he left the podium on Sunday, but he overcame his excitement to disappear into the shadows and say hello to the roughly dozen fans who had been waiting for him in the parking lot.

In what turned out to be his second classy move of the day, he signed a few autographs and struck up a conversation before making his way back to the clubhouse.

During an extremely tense final round, DeChambeau tossed his ball to a small fan by the side of the trail as he was making his way to the tenth hole. But a man managed to grab hold of the ball and tried to flee with it.

DeChambeau, seeing what had transpired, stormed over and yelled, “Hey, hey, hey! Point my club at the culprit!” Return that ball!” After a little back and forth, the thief finally gave the ball to the young victim.

Following the event, Jim Nantz, a CBS commentator, remarked, “That’s class.” DeChambeau approaches him to offer him a congrats and a handshake.”

Several fans responded to an online video of the incident by saying it had altered their perception of DeChambeau. “A lot of people’s perceptions of him seem to be shifting lately. When someone acts like this, you can’t help but smile and wish them the best of luck. He is excellent for the game at the moment,” an X user commented.

Another said: “I now have a different perspective on Bryson. gifted golfer competing on a circus circuit, but also a stand-up comedian. It’s good to see the adult who grabbed the ball from the child confronted.”

DeChambeau’s LIV switch has made him somewhat of a divisive figure, but he still enjoys a lot of popularity among golfers, as seen by the recent explosion of his social media pages. He currently has more than 400,000 TikTok followers and over 600,000 YouTube followers.

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