Anthony Kim clarifies ‘joke’ PGA Tour tweet then unloads on Brandel Chamblee (again!)

Anthony Kim attacks Brandel Chamblee once again after posting a long tweet that clarifies his remarks regarding Jimmy Dunne.

Anthony Kim of LIV Golf used Twitter to rephrase his remarks regarding Jimmy Dunne, a major player on the PGA Tour who is leaving, and in the process, he further attacked Brandel Chamblee, an analyst for Golf Channel.

Kim, 38, reacted to the shocking news that Jimmy Dunne, the PGA Tour executive who first mediated the “framework agreement” with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), had left the policy board, on social media earlier in the day while having coffee.

The news was released one week after Rory McIlroy disclosed that Tiger Woods and company had turned down his request to rejoin the policy board.

Dunne announced his resignation from the PGA Tour board, citing player power as the reason his position was now “utterly superfluous.”

Kim tweeted: Having completed 12 rounds on LIV Golf this season, he is 46 over par overall.

“Good morning, sipping coffee and reading about Jimmy’s DUNNE status.”

Many golfers interpreted that as a slight against the departing PGA Tour executive, but Kim subsequently clarified that it was only a “joke” and that he has a great deal of “respect” for Dunne.

Kim insulted former PGA Tour winner and Golf Channel analyst Chamblee last Friday afternoon, calling him a “pu**y.”

That was a few hours after Chamblee reneged on the PGA Tour’s agreement with PIF.

On June 6, 2023, Chamblee declared that the shocking announcement of the PGA Tour’s planned merger with the PIF was “one of the saddest days in pro golf.”

After just under a year, Chamblee is saying that the PIF is the “better end of the bargain” and the PGA Tour ought to accept a deal with them.

In perhaps the biggest reversal since the Framework Agreement on June 6, Golf Channel Brandel Chamblee now claims that reaching an agreement with the PIF “is the better end of the bargain.”

He says:

Like it or not, the PGA Tour is in a difficult situation. Would you like to compete against someone (LIV)?

— JCAGOLFReport (@JCAGOLFReport) May 10, 2024
Chamblee said last week:

Whether you like it or not, the PGA Tour is in a difficult situation. Would you like to compete against someone who isn’t going away and can outspend you (PIF)? That person is LIV Golf.

“Every change they make to improve their tour erases your tour and creates more division among the participants.

“To Rory’s point about striking a deal, the time is now. A year ago, I wouldn’t have said that, but it’s the better end of the deal.”

Upon receiving notice of Kim’s startling tweet, Chamblee retaliated promptly, also criticizing fellow LIV Golf sensation Phil Mickelson in the process.

However, Kim clarified in his most recent long tweet that he meant every word about Chamblee, also known as “Ramble Sham Lee.”

Kim, a former three-time winner on the PGA Tour, also issued a cautionary note to all of the “keyboard warriors” out there.

Additionally, he tweeted the term “clown reporting.”

Kim is not allowed to play in this week’s US PGA at Valhalla, so he gets a week off to spend even more time on social media.

Take a look at Kim’s latest comments:

Clown reporting, so allow me to rephrase what I tweeted. Because most SM users are ashamed and afraid of their lives, most of their accounts are nameless and faceless. I’m grateful to my supporters who encourage and push one another forward. #gratitude #mentalhealth @livgolf_league @PGATOUR @excrgolf

— Anthony Kim (@AnthonyKim_Golf) May 14, 2024

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