Phil Mickelson claims pro golf was ‘broken’ in staunch defence of LIV Golf

Although Phil Mickelson has been at the center of the controversy surrounding the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, he feels that issues with the game existed before the breakaway league was established.

Phil Mickelson, who has exposed numerous shortcomings created by the PGA Tour, feels that LIV Golf is contributing to the “mending” of professional golf.

Two years ago, Mickelson emerged as the first prominent figure from the PGA Tour to support the breakaway circuit, and he went on to become the league’s trailblazer, supported by Saudi Arabia. The six-time major champion has frequently been at the center of the fallout between the two rival tours that have since found themselves at war at the top of the golfing pyramid.

On Saturday, he returned to the conversation by challenging assertions that the recent split had left the sport in pieces on X (formerly Twitter). The captain of the HyFlyers tweeted, “Golf was broken and is in the process of being fixed.”

The average age of those who watch thePGA Tour has increased from 60 to 65. 2) Completely US-focused with no strategy to expand opportunities globally. 3) Working from within the Tour was not an option due to monopolistic control over media rights, which prevented players from using YouTube and other social media platforms to introduce the game to the next generation.

“Bryson [DeChambeau] is me.” Before LIV, he wasn’t allowed to do what he is doing now. Although solving the issue will take time, it is preferable to waiting for it to fall apart completely.” When he first pledged his allegiance to the Saudi arrangement, Mickelson brought up the point that players cannot manage their own media rights, which is one of the points he frequently makes against the PGA Tour.

After fellow LIV star Anthony Kim got into a social media spat with ardent breakaway league critic Brandel Chamblee, he decided to take a stance on X. Kim emphasized Chamblee’s reversal on the Saudi participation in professional golf, having previously argued the Tour ought to come to a deal with the Middle Eastern fund.

“You’re such a p—– 4 beating on your chest & essentially saying never retreat & hypocritically retreat, Ramble Chamblee @chambleebrandel,” Kim tweeted. It’s no secret that the majority of golfers despise this incompetent fool. Will you still cover golf if @livgolf_league is participating?

Former PGA Tour player and golf analyst Chamblee was quick to retaliate, offering a low blow to Mickelson while defending his reasoning for reversing earlier criticism of the Saudi Arabians’ involvement in professional golf. In response to Kim, Chamblee stated, “This is about as inaccurate as a lot of Mickelson’s drives.”

“And it’s terribly ironic that you would call someone a female body part in a juvenile attempt to denigrate them, two tweets after you asked for advice on raising your daughter. You were obviously not given a disability benefit for your witty remarks. Regarding your criticism of my statement that the best deal for golf at the moment is one with the Saudis.

He continued, “It’s something I’ve said recently because I don’t think the Saudis will stop playing the game; they’ll still pose a threat to poaching and lessen the quality of the PGA Tour’s offerings. Since you and your fellow LIV tour members are knowingly working with a murderous dictator for financial gain, allowing him to conceal his atrocities, golf has been forced to find ways to lessen the influence of MBS, PIF, and LIV in the otherwise merit-based and charitable world of professional golf.

Why don’t you resume your favorite activity, which was stunning everyone with your talent? For many reasons, I dislike League of Legends, but despite my dislike, I did enjoy watching you play and would love to see you revert to your former form.”

One year after making his final PGA Tour start, Kim unexpectedly returned to the professional ranks this year when he signed as a wildcard for LIV.

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