Max Verstappen fires accusations at Lando Norris’ boss with Red Bull pressure mounting

Max Verstappen has taken jabs at the boss of his rival after losing to Lando Norris handily in Miami on the track.

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, has come under fire from Max Verstappen for “stirring things up” with his remarks regarding Red Bull employees. The American executive predicted a mass exodus from Milton Keynes in reaction to Adrian Newey’s departure, claiming to have received a raft of resumes from members of the current champions.

Even though Red Bull’s success continued into the 2024 campaign, there has been a negative atmosphere at Milton Keynes behind the scenes. This has mostly been linked to the drama surrounding Christian Horner, the team principal, who was cleared ahead of the season opener after a protracted internal investigation.

Star engineer Newey, who had worked with Red Bull for almost 20 years, was said to have been affected by the drama. He announced his resignation at the end of the season, just before the Miami Grand Prix. Brown was tempted by the news to take a stab at the defending champions before his team’s season-opening victory that weekend.

Following the announcement of Newey’s decision to leave Red Bull, Brown stated, “We have seen an increase in CVs coming our way from the team and I think Adrian is the most successful designer of all time.”

Therefore, in addition to his technical skills and contributions to the racing team, Adrian is a desirable employer and teammate. As a result, I believe they will miss his technical contributions to the team as well as his leadership and the enthusiasm that comes from working with him.”

Verstappen was not amused by these remarks, as he is unconcerned about the future of important players on his squad. After learning of Newey’s decision to leave, the three-time world champion was also at ease, stating that he advised the 65-year-old to act in his own best interests and leave if he thought it was necessary.

He observed, “He obviously wants to stir things up.” “As a team, we are powerless over remarks like that. From his perspective, I can certainly understand it because, as he points out, everyone is vying for our attention, and this is also quite common in the Formula One industry. However, those are also not things that really interest me. Even though I see the headlines, I choose not to click on them.

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