Lando Norris’ dad makes demand of McLaren after British F1 star’s first win

Last weekend, Lando Norris won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, and his father, Adam, has supported the British driver to contend with Max Verstappen for the world championship the following year.

According to Lando Norris’ father, McLaren could have its first F1 world champion since Lewis Hamilton the following season.

Last weekend in Miami, Norris triumphed in his first Formula One race, defeating the reigning champion and dominant Max Verstappen. And if McLaren gives him a good enough car, Norris Sr. thinks he can now challenge Verstappen and Red Bull for the championship the following season.

Adam Norris told talkSPORT, “I think there’s a real opportunity to win more this year.” “He’s had several opportunities. And I believe they really need to aim for the championship the following year. The group is performing admirably.”

“Yes, as long as the car is there, is the truth,” Lando said in response to the question of whether he had always felt confident he could succeed with McLaren. McLaren has performed incredibly well. Since taking over as McLaren’s manager approximately five years ago, Zak Brown has progressively enhanced the team, the wind tunnel, and the available equipment.

“He’s incredibly quick; Lewis Hamilton was the youngest go-kart world champion before him. He’s been very quick and has won every championship thus far, but you need the right tools, and the team is starting to show their true potential.

“He has always believed that he can win and outpace everyone in the world simply because he has won almost every title in his career. It’s been really hardworking yet incredibly natural.”

Lando was “over the moon” about his Miami victory and expressed gratitude to McLaren for their years of support. What a race. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally succeeded,” he remarked.

“I’m ecstatic for my entire team because I’ve finally met their expectations. After a long day and a difficult race, I’m ecstatic to have won. How should I address them? Really, I’m just proud. Many people had doubts about me during the journey.

“Over the course of my brief career, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but today we brought everything together, so this is all for the team. I remained loyal to McLaren because I could and did have faith in them. Today was proof of that.”

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