Lando Norris at odds with McLaren chief over F1 star’s behaviour at Miami Grand Prix

Opinions regarding Kevin Magnussen’s driving style at the Miami Grand Prix have been divided, with Lando Norris and his McLaren boss having different thoughts.

Disagreements have arisen between Lando Norris and Andrea Stella, the principal of McLaren, regarding Kevin Magnussen’s driving at the Maimi Grand Prix this past weekend.

The strategies the Haas driver used to hold off a charging Lewis Hamilton during the sprint race resulted in three ten-second penalties. The Danish driver was given a 10-second time penalty for overshooting the Turn 14 chicane and continuing straight on. Later in the race, he was penalized once more for staying inside the line to keep the Mercedes driver at bay.

By doing this, he gave teammate Nico Hulkenberg space to move freely and score some crucial points. Stella suggested that the officials of the sport should consider suspending drivers from races instead of just penalizing them, expressing displeasure with his antics.

“We have a situation where there is deliberate behavior that harms another competitor, and this behavior is repeated within the same race and throughout the same season,” he stated. In what way are fines cumulative? They ought to be exponential.

“Five plus five plus five does not equal fifteen.” Maybe you should spend a weekend at home with your family, evaluate your sportsmanship, and then return. Five plus five plus five equals. It is not acceptable at all. From a sportsmanship perspective, it makes no sense, and this needs to be fixed right away.

Although Norris thinks Magnussen drove “smartly,” he also acknowledged that, in Hamilton’s shoes, it would be difficult to accept given that teamwork was obviously in play.

“It’s like Monaco if your teammate was in ninth place and you pass them and do a Fernando a few years ago where you just blocked everyone,” he remarked. However, you veer off course to pass someone. Even though you know you’ll receive a penalty, you choose to save your friend.

“They have boxing skills. You’re capable of it. Even though you play a crucial team game, you are aware that you will receive a penalty. It therefore depends on how hard you want to push back against that. It’s difficult to take and cruel if you’re the other driver. However, I believe what he did was wise.”

Relishing his first Formula 1 victory, Norris is soaking up the momentous occasion. Despite being on the podium multiple times, the McLaren driver had never been on the top step until an impressive driver in Florida used a timely safety car to his advantage.

The British driver’s skill has long been recognized, and it’s clear that he’s frustrated with McLaren for not being able to compete at the front of the grid. However, going forward, the English team appears capable of competing against teams like Red Bull and Ferrari.

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