Lando Norris facing backlash over Donald Trump ‘respect’ comments after McLaren F1 visit

Donald Trump was in attendance on Sunday to witness Lando Norris win the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. The former US president was seen extending his congratulations to the McLaren star.

Following Lando Norris’ admission that he has “a lot of respect” for Donald Trump at the Miami Grand Prix, irate Formula 1 fans have voiced their disappointment in the driver.

With a stunning drive in his McLaren, British sensation Norris won his first-ever Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday, defeating three-time world champion Max Verstappen by over seven seconds in the sweltering Florida heat. After receiving a contentious tour of the McLaren garage from team CEO Zak Brown, the former US president Trump was present and encouraged the 24-year-old, later saying he was his new “lucky charm.”

The 77-year-old Trump is on trial in New York right now on 34 counts of fraud connected to hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels before his election victory in 2016. The former reality TV star and current president has entered a not guilty plea, contending that the accusations lack legal basis.

However, Norris felt “honoured” to receive a congrats from Trump, the US commander-in-chief from 2016 to 2020, when he lost the next election to Democratic opponent Joe Biden, whom he will face again in November in an attempt to win a second term as president. “I didn’t see him in the garage to be honest, I was busy prepping for the race,” Norris said in response to a question regarding his feelings regarding Trump’s attendance at McLaren.

“However, when you have someone like this, it has to be an honor for you that they come up to you and take the time out of their lives to show their respect for what you’ve done. He saw me later and came up to congratulate me, so I guess it was an honor.

“He claimed to be my lucky charm because I won, but I’m not sure if he will attend any more races at this point. However, a lot of unique and interesting people have visited this weekend.

“In many respects, you have to have a great deal of respect for Donald. Anyone who recognizes your abilities and the work ethic that goes into anything is someone to be grateful for, and I was. Thus, yes. Just a cool moment, nothing more.”

One fan on X/Twitter expressed disappointment over Norris’ remarks, saying, “It’s extremely disappointing to read that Lando said that one has ‘got to have a lot of respect for’ Donald Trump.” That person is not deserving of any respect whatsoever. Not even a tiny bit.”

“My respect for Lando has disappeared after his comments about Donald Trump,” a second person said. “What a dark cloud over an otherwise brilliant weekend,” remarked a third.

Another sneered at team captain Brown, saying angrily, “I lost a lot of respect for Zach here! Has made me doubt my support for Formula One and McLaren.”

But one supporter stood up for Norris, posing the question, “What is Lando supposed to say in this situation exactly? In the end, it’s all just public relations, so he was just being courteous and respectful.” Another said: “Given that McLaren, a team I adore, essentially forced Trump on him, Norris didn’t really have much of a choice.” What a blot on a fantastic weekend all around.”

McLaren released a statement saying, “McLaren is a non-political organization; however, we recognize and respect the office of President of the United States,” in response to criticism following Trump’s visit to their garage.Therefore, we granted the request to have the FIA president, Liberty Media CEO, and Formula 1 CEO visit our garage on race day.

“We consider it an honor that McLaren Racing was selected as the Formula One representative, providing us with the chance to demonstrate the elite engineering we bring to the motorsport industry.”

On the social media site Truth Social, Trump congratulated McLaren and wrote: “Watching my friends at McLaren win the major Miami Formula 1 race was an incredible honor. That was the vehicle I saw prior to the race and supported because winning is what our nation needs.”

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