Lando Norris can’t help but laugh as Max Verstappen makes comment about his mum

At the Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen got into a funny post-race exchange.

When asked if Lando Norris would have won the Miami Grand Prix without the lap 31 safety car, Max Verstappen responded with a hilarious joke, saying, “If my mum had balls, she would be my dad.”

Despite the threat posed by Oscar Piastri and Charles Leclerc, Verstappen appeared to be in control of the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday. However, Norris ran too long on the alternate strategy, and on lap 31, Kevin Magnussen and Logan Sargeant joined forces to bring out the safety car, giving the young Brit the lead back.

Subsequently, Norris executed the race flawlessly, establishing a seven-second lead over the current world champion, who sustained injuries after running through the chicane at Turn 14 to collect the bollard. Verstappen was out of sight when he crossed the line to take the chequered flag.

But Norris was questioned about whether he would have been a winner in the absence of the safety car during the press conference held after the race. Verstappen interrupted him mid-sentence with a sharp remark, “I mean, it’s always if, if, if… right? My mum would be my dad if she had balls.

Norris burrowed his head into his arm, laughing at this. Leclerc, too, found it difficult to contain his laughter at the three-time world champion’s clever rejoinder. Verstappen went on to say, “I mean, that’s just the way racing is! Sometimes things work out.

Verstappen wasn’t the only driver to acknowledge that Norris’s Miami GP triumph was partially due to serendipity, even though these instances are crucial in determining the outcome of Formula One races. Carlos Sainz, a close friend and former teammate at McLaren, also mentioned this.

He said to Sky Sports F1, “He deserves it for such a long time to win a race.” “He’s a driver who will win a lot of Formula One races.” He’s been driving very well lately. He was fortunate today, but good things come to those who deserve them, and he most certainly does.”

For Norris, the victory in Miami was a moment of atonement. Even though he was fortunate on Sunday, it prevented him from winning the race in 2021. The 24-year-old led the Russian Grand Prix, but Lewis Hamilton won the race decisively in the end due to a poor strategy decision made in unpredictable conditions.

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